To Whom Shall We Go?

Bread for the Bride

Into every life there comes at least one crucial watershed moment.  Moments where the soul is sifted and the true motivations of our hearts are revealed.  Moments when events align around us that will require hard choices and ultimately determine our destiny.  It is my belief the slowing down currently caused by the world-wide coronavirus emergency presents the Body of Christ, individually and corporately, with such a watershed.

But more on that later; first I want to focus on a similar watershed moment recorded in the gospels.  (The passage is John 6 – feel free to check it out.)

A very large crowd had followed Jesus to a mountainside near the Sea of Galilee.  We know their number was over 5000, which is recorded as the number of just the men.  Why had they come?  They had come because they witnessed Jesus healing the sick (John 6:2).  Anticipating…

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