The Slavery Chronicles: A Cup of Wrath, Pt 3 – June 7th, 2019

“A nation has to repent individually and collectively to turn away judgement, and that is simply not happening here. Not to the degree it needs to anyway…”….Celestial

The Master's Voice


So… I have my own interest in Bible prophecy. I look for themes in what God is saying at a given time. I’ve noticed that prophecy is a like a wind- when it blows it moves all the grain in the same direction. That’s good because after you see commonality in themes, you can wear yourself out trying to piece the whole picture together! 

I’ve also seen themes in reactions to prophecy. A common reaction to hearing judgement prophecy is: “Let’s pray so this won’t come true! If we pray then God – whose nature is mercy, faithfulness and love to one thousand generations of those who love Him – will hear and turn the judgement away.” And that’s true! He is the one who said that if His people called by His name would humble themselves, pray, turn from their wicked ways, call on Him- He would hear from…

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