Corona and the Apostate Church….

This entire debacle was created to terrify and instill enough fear in people to cause them to comply to orders from headquarters. The Corona is man made, designed to do what it’s doing…make sick and kill. They will trot out worse than this one. What will you do then? People are being ushered into the NWO of antichrist herded like cattle, and don’t even know it. It’s one thing to be passive, but quite another to go into bondage ignorantly. Pray to hear the Lord’s voice and obey it…that’s your only place of safety and way to survive the evil that’s coming.

3 comments on “Corona and the Apostate Church….

  1. Dear sister,

    I just read you like my comment on Prophecy 444 channel, so I decided to look at your site. Beautiful first impression!

    I second your Covid19 analysis. If you click on the icon you can read my latest blog (videos are included plus my article on Covid19 as a first step towards the mark of the beast) undergirding why I believe the Lord’s coming for us is very soon.

    I believe the Lord would like me to share this with you.

    Much love and blessings in Christ,

    • Scarlett says:

      Thank you Sabine…it’s a blessing to meet another sister traveling on the narrow way.
      I did go to your site and have been enjoying reading your blog, and being encouraged and blessed by so much wonderful spiritual food.
      Peace and grace in Christ,

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