FEMA’s Not In Control of The United States…..Yet!

I regret having posted this link earlier, due to the fact that although it is true, the Presidential Directives quoted in this link, have been in effect for the previous 2 administrations, the link contains too much disinformation to be considered credible. The President signed the Stafford Act…and has not given over presidential power to FEMA as of this date, (thank God), and is still in control of FEMA
Also, as mentioned here by YouTube poster…
Espen Gjermestad
1 week ago
“This video should be taken down because she doesn’t know how the National Emergency Act works and is she is giving misleading information. She starts off talking about state of emergency and that it gives all the power to FEMA, then she jumps to trump signing the National Emergency Act which isn’t the same thing as State of Emergency. A National Emergency Act gives more power to FEMA, but the president is still under full control over FEMA because the National Emergency and State of Emergency is NOT the same thing. The text that she showed at 0:55 was copied from a novel/nonfiction writers book called ¨The Washington Decree: A Novel¨
by Jussi Adler-Olsen. The clips that she used from Trump was shown out of context because I saw all of them live. The executive orders that she showed in the end of the video was from the State of Emergency which has nothing to do with reality because Trump signed a National Emergency Act and NEVER lost his power. This is 100% fearporn”
He is, indeed, correct..


2 comments on “FEMA’s Not In Control of The United States…..Yet!

    • Scarlett says:

      Will check it out when I have time….you don’t have to be a cat to smell a rat, and they are starting to smell big time. Of course this is all part of the end time prophecies. If folks aren’t, or haven’t been paying attention they haven’t been studying the Bible, nor do they recognize the signs of the times.

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