Donald Trump is a Judgement, Not a Blessing…

These words I speak today are not idle! People who have discernment will be able to understand this! These words will be beneficial to all those who were bewitched by the spell Donald Trump has released over the EVANGELICAL church that was empowered by the false prophesies of him having the Cyrus anointing given by the false prophets to make America great again!
These words are for the purpose of awakening people out of there slumber! To break the spirit of witchcraft that has come over there minds because of the deluding influence that had been released by the Donald Trump false prophecies!
Trump may of been used by God! But he was not being used like most Christians are deceived to believe he was being used!
Donald Trump was being used as a measuring rod for God! A heart monitor to test the condition of the hearts of his people! God has used Donald Trump and his pride and blasphemous claims to expose the deadness of the discernment of his people! God has used Donald Trump to expose how compromised his church is to determine the time frame he would allow a blending of judgement to come to the house of God in the American church!
‘For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God, and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the Gospel of God?”(1 Peter 4:17 )
The church in America has failed the test! Donald Trump has been set up as an idol in the church’s heart! No matter what evil he continued to Express the church continued to excuse it! They made excuses for him! Excuse after excuse after excuse! They overlooked every prideful and blasphemous comment and stood with all unrighteous reasoning to justify him! The church has failed the test and revealed how lukewarm and dead to standing on the truth they really are! So judgment is coming to the church! Its beginning my friends! Hard chastening is coming to the loedicean church of the United states of America because of there willingness to justify the wicked openly!
“He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the the just, both of them alike are an abomination to the lord”( Proverbs 17:15 )
Most of the EVANGELICAL church in America justified Donald Trump’s wicked ways and blasphemous claims while condemning anyone of Gods watchmen who stands up to expose this blasphemous witchcraft! Most of the EVANGELICAL church believed the false prophesies of Trump having the Cyrus anointing to make America great again! Wake up church! Wake up!
Donald Trump came into agreement with mr roots claims of him being the king of Israel and the second coming of God! And While Donald Trump tweeted it on Twitter, the EVANGELICAL church remained silent! No one on his Christian council spoke up or rebuked him!
When the real watchmen stood up to expose this blasphemy, the EVANGELICAL Donald Trump followers stood against them justifying Donald Trump’s actions and comments!
God has used Donald Trump to out right and openly reveal how lukewarm and dead the hearts of his people have become with in the United States of America!
Judgment is coming to America and the American church! God is going to put his church through the blender! He is going to press it on through his threshing floor! He is going to use the persecution that he is allowing in the days ahead to separate the wheat from the chaff! He will gather the wheat into the store house, but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire!
I’m telling you as a WARNING from God today! Repent from this Trump worship! Repent from justifying the wickedness that the president had expressed openly before the world while claiming to be a Christian! Repent from standing up for men instead of standing up for Jesus and what he stands for! Repent from expressing openly your lukewarmness and deadness of heart in justifying the wicked! Repent from believing false prophesies about Donald Trump having the cyrus anointing to make America great again! Repent Repent Repent! All you prophets who put out these false prophecies about Donald Trump that deceived the people Repent! You will give an account!
God is going to shake the foundation of the EVANGELICAL church! The storm is here and it will get worst!
You have been warned!
Jacob van dyke
Soul Survivor Ministries



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