In view of the fact that COVid19 has reared it’s ugly head, I thought it timely to present this info to the readers, whom I urge to be very cautious, and prayerful before consenting to having any vaccine injected into the body that Big Pharma comes up with. The “cure” may end up worse that the disease.  I do urge you all to read, and study this valuable information. We all need to know the truth about how our “medical professionals” are handling our health issues…..and, what prescriptions they are advising. I personally have been harmed and abused by not only incompetent physicians, but by the medications they prescribed for me. In most cases, it’s all about money!

Click to access murder-injection-mullins.pdf

Eustace Mullins (1923-2010), discusses one of his best-selling books; ‘Murder by Injection’ exposing the unholy dynasty of the big drug companies, the medical establishment, the Rockefeller syndicate and the evils of the cut-slash-and-burn cancer racket that has killed millions in the name of ‘fighting cancer.’ While there are many books on the corruption of modern medicine, there is no other book out there that so effectively tells the whole story as does this seminal volume, laying bare the criminal machinations of those who profit in the name of “promoting good health.” The federal bureaucracy that ostensibly “regulates” the big drug companies is all part and parcel of the problem.… Playlist:…

5 comments on “MURDER BY INJECTION-the BOOK and the VIDEO

    • Scarlett says:

      This was too much to study in one fell swoop, but since the name Van Duyn is prominent in the Illuminati bloodlines, are you also aware that the Tribe of Dan is considered by some to eventually produce the anti-christ. If you follow the trail of Dan, all through the tribes wanderings, you will find a multitude of derivatives of the name Dan….it’s very interesting how these derivatives are scattered all over Europe, the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, (Van Duyn), Scotland and Ireland.
      Stanley Ann Dunham the mom of Obama is considered to have Jewish bloodlines….With the name Dunham, another derivative, it’s quite possible that she and hence Obama are of the Tribe of Dan.

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