Christians Gone Wild-Sexual Sin in the Church

From a post I did on Face Book…. Apostle Paul made it plain in the early spirit filled church that sexual immorality was not to be tolerated in the Body of Christ. And that the sexually immoral person was to be kicked out of fellowship with other believers, who were told not to have anything to do with them. He was not talking about the people out in the world here, he was talking about those sitting right in the church. (or in front of the TV or Internet), calling themselves Christians. Paul even went so far as to say he was turning that particular sexually immoral person over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh. Doesn’t sound like being sexually immoral would end up being worth the guilty pleasure if one was going to get to have one’s flesh tortured by the master torturer, Satan, does it? Paul didn’t have a mean streak…he had the backing and authority of an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ behind him. The intent was to bring about repentance out of godly suffering; (there is such a thing). Jesus said, “A little leaven spoils the whole lump”, leaven meaning sin. After all, the Body of Christ was known in the Greek as “Ecclesia”…”the called out ones”. That is very, very special and holy…and not to be “leavened” or corrupted by sin”. Jesus would not want that in His Body. Yet, today, this appears to be growing and escalating in the church, even from the pulpit. Indeed, right here on Face Book there are several well known and popular so called pastors that have sinned, committed adultery, divorced their wives, married their lovers, and gone right on preaching and collecting money from Face Book donors and never batting an eye, in total denial and claiming they never sinned. And….just as bad, since their members, admirers and groupies back them up and support them, instead of kicking them out as Paul would have done. My question is… long do people think this is going to be tolerated by God, in today’s church? Maybe, just maybe, there won’t be an Apostle Paul around to carry forth discipline by the Holy Spirit,it just might be the Holy Spirit Himself. Ananias and Sapphira didn’t get away with lying to the Holy Spirit and I don’t think these fornicators and adulterers are going to either.

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