Chinese Christians Boldly Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus in the Midst of Corona-virus Outbreak



Persecution! Coronavirus! Nothing stops these bold Chinese Christians from going out in the highways and by-ways witnessing the gospel of Jesus Christ and His love for the Chinese people. There has been an uptick in recent times of the severity of persecution as the Chinese Community Party once again begins a purge of Christian believers in China. It was Tertullian, an early church father, who said the “Blood of the Martyrs is the Seed of the Church”....and so it has been down through history from the very beginning of the primitive church that Jesus Christ started.

When Israel rebelled against God and began serving idols, time and time again, the Lord God Yahweh had to allow persecution, war, famine and death to bring them to their senses, to repent and once again turn back to Him. Christians in other countries around the world, such as Pakistan, Iran, and parts of India and Africa are suffering severe persecution at the hands of wicked, violent people, but at the same time, revival, repentance on a massive scale has also broken out.  In the West, and in particular, the United States and Canada, one wonders what it’s going to take for unbelievers, or apostate backslidden Christians to repent and turn back to the God of the Bible in a large scale which was last seen in any evidence at all during the “Jesus Movement” of the 60’s.

For me, I came in as a late bloomer in the late 80’s, sovereignly saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, with accompanying gifts of the Spirit with not a church, preacher or Christian anywhere in sight. But as I did enter, as led by the Spirit, into the Pentecostal branch of believer-hood…I caught the very tail end of what resembled a true move of the Spirit. Sadly, it went downhill in a hurry from there.

My most cherished memory of what I experienced as having a valid meeting and assembling of the ecclesia, was in my own apt with a small band of 4 on fire for God, died in the wool Holy Ghost believers where the ONLY One in charge was the Holy Spirit, who had each one of us prepared just like it says in the Bible,   “How is it then, brethren? when ye come together, every one of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation. Let all things be done unto edifying.” 1st Cor. 14:26. Oh, it just flowed like a river of pure, sweet water! It was wonderful! I have never had that experience since…..We were all going to “church normal”, and they hated our meetings, and gossiping that we were out of line, rocking the boat, “not blooming where we were planted”, etc,,  blah blah…..but the regular church meetings were bland compared to ours, simply because the Holy Spirit wasn’t in charge. Yes, there was a semblance, if you will, where the Holy Spirit would be able to break through the facade just a bit from time to time….. as He was allowed. So sad. And, also there was this sort of nasty, undercover, hierarchical attitude of the so-called clergy, aka “leadership”, that seemed to feel their authority was being threatened…or violated. which actually it was! By The Lord God! But the Holy Spirit is indeed a gentleman and won’t force Himself on people;neither will He hang around where He’s not welcome. Sigh, and eventually neither did I as I grew in knowledge of the scriptures, prayer and discernment.

So….the Ecclesia will prevail as Jesus said it would, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. (Matt 16:18b) is the word for “prevail” being the Greek word “katischyō” and this means “to be superior too” or “to overcome” so clearly nothing and no one (man, Satan, or his demons) can ever overcome Jesus’ church.  Read more:

God bless all our Christian brethren, as well as all those in other countries suffering the onslaught of the devil’s armies, but whom are fighting on to victory. And God bless my friends here on WordPress. I love you all, Scarlett

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