Social Media Censorship and/or Surveillance…Isn’t it Fun Being Stalked?

Being a very private, definitely introverted sort of person, I’ve developed a real aversion to being stalked around the Internet. Most recently I was minding my own business, or so I thought, reading one of my favorite Christian blogs on WordPress, when suddenly a notice appeared at the left top of the blog post, that Firefox had blocked a social media site from viewing what I was reading.  Hmm! How could that possibly interest any “social media” site enough to come snooping around to see what web page I was on at the moment? 

Then last night, on Facebook. someone posted a notice that Facebook was using bots to censor conservative sites, and to go to settings and block, then type in Fact Check…..and block all that you find there….so I did! Lo and behold, there were about a dozen of them worded a bit differently. I blocked all of them. but then when I went back to check today, there was another one.

In any case, if you’re a Christian, and posting on Facebook, the game is rigged and you’re automatically going to censor yourself, in a way, because for the most part, you’re preaching to the choir by grouping yourself together with other Christians, of whatever persuasion or another. In other words, if you’re inclined to be “witnessing” to unbelievers….you’re on the wrong page.

Censorship is real and it’s going to get worse, like it or not…..

There used to be a site called “Topix”, which had a page for every podunk town in the free world, as well as a “Topix” for any and every subject known to mankind. I liked it because I could go anywhere and witness to unbelievers all I wanted to, which was a lot, all with nearly complete anonymity. Not to say that I didn’t get lambasted by them in return, but that was to be expected. Then….within the last year, the censorship police decided that people were having way too much freedom with all that freedom of speech nonsense and had Topix removed and replaced by a very censored and controlled entity called, “Patch”.  As if people can’t figure out what’s going on…..and it’s not good. Little by little, freedom of speech is being tampered with and taken away.

Now, more about surveillance… my small town, there are only 3 grocery stores, Walmart being the biggest of course, and where you can also purchase extras from other departments, such as garden, auto, etc.,  At Walmart, when you go through the line, as you know, you have the option to pay by card, or with cash. Most people, including myself, pay with our credit or debit card. So then, recently due to some health issues, I’ve been ordering online and having things sent to my home. No problem! Walmart is so efficient…..I started noticing them offering to again, sell me things that I had purchased at the store~! In other words, they are keeping track of every single thing you purchased at the store with your card and what you paid for it, be it a package of gum, or hemorrhoid medication. That said, I may not be able to totally counter this onslaught, but I can start stalling it a bit by paying with cash. I don’t like being stalked.

Friends, I think we all know where this is going and where it’s going to end….at least if you’re a Christian, you know. But pray anyway, and do the best you can to stay out of their clutches. Jesus often had to “pass through the midst of them”; (the Pharisees) as they skulked around seeking to find fault, to stone Him or throw Him over a cliff.  As for us, we may not be able to make ourselves invisible to nosy companies and social media, but we can try to make it a little more difficult for them to spy on us.

God bless you all, and may His Grace and Peace abound in your lives…Scarlett

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