11 comments on “Vaccines! What You Need to Know Before They Come Out With One for COVid19!

  1. RJ Dawson says:

    Thanks Scarlett. I have been following this issue and it applies to everyone. I don’t have time to watch your posted video but I want you to have the opportunity to watch what I think is the best political speech of 2019. Blessings to you.

  2. Scarlett says:

    Stuff you HATE to read. but you really do need to know if you have kids, grand-kids, or just plain care about the truth and people!
    Mary Fitzgerald Rodriguez
    5 hrs ·

    Copied from Facebook:
    This isn’t my personal story but needs to be read and shared.

    “My hubby and I went to M&M Meat Shop, to pick up something quick and easy for supper. There was an older gentleman in a suit there still deciding what he wanted so he said I could go first. The cashier lady had quite a bad cough and said she has had it for about 2 months now and so I asked her if she got that flu going around this year and told her about how sick I got from it this year. She said she hadn’t and asked me if I got the flu shot. I laughed and said “I am probably the most anti-flu shot person you will ever meet.” I then added on “I don’t even vaccinate my kids anymore!”

    I told her about what vaccines did to my daughter. She was very shocked and said “Good for you for not vaccinating any more of your kids, I never believed in those things.”

    She then pointed to the man in the suit and told me he is her friend and is a funeral director/embalmer here in town. She told him to tell me what he told her about what he knows about vaccines.

    He started to tell me how he noticed almost 20 years ago, that he started to see a large increase of deceased old people during flu shot season and has had several of the deceased family members actually mention to him that their mother or father was doing fine until they had the flu shot and then took an immediate turn for the worst.

    He then said that he knows damn well that he has had babies who had died from vaccines in there. He has been an undertaker for over 35 years and his father was a funeral director and passed his business on to him so he has been in and around the business his whole life. When he was young and was helping and being trained by his father, around 40 years ago, he said that crib death was EXTREMELY rare. It was so rare that his father had only ever seen 2 cases in his entire career and the babies were born sickly and had failure to thrive.

    He noticed sometime in the 80’s that it started to become quit common to get babies in there, who supposedly died of “SIDS”. He couldn’t understand why there was such a sudden increase in infant deaths. He started to put two and two together when he had a couple tell them that their baby was vaccinated just before she died and they knew that it was what caused their babies death. The next few times he had babies in their he had asked the parents if their baby was by any chance recently vaccinated and in every case they all said yes. He has never had a baby in there that was unvaccinated except for one that was a still birth.

    I asked him if he has ever had a kid in there that died from polio, measles or chickenpox? He said neither him or his father have ever seen or heard of any other undertaker friends who have had a death related to any of those illnesses, even before there was vaccine for them.

    He then told me that once he started looking into vaccines, he found that they include formaldehyde (the embalming chemical) as an ingredient, among many other equally as carcinogenic and neurotoxic ingredients.

    I knew this already but it was still cool hearing it come from an undertaker who knows all about these chemicals and what effects they have on our bodies. He has never vaccinated his kids and his kids don’t vaccinate his grand kids. Think about that for a second, he and his father had never seen a baby or kid that had died of polio, measles or chicken pox, even before they ever had a vaccine to “prevent” these illnesses. He HAS had babies in their who suddenly died directly and mysteriously after vaccines.

    Parents, if you won’t listen to us millions of parents who are speaking out, whose kids have been injured or killed from vaccines, please at the very least listen to the professionals who are speaking out about what they know and what they have seen with their own eyes. It is not normal for perfectly healthy babies to just die and it is not just a coincidence that babies are dropping in record numbers across North America in the most heavily vaccinated continent in the world.

    We have exchanged mild childhood illnesses like the measles and chicken pox for the highest infant death rates, child obesity, seizures, and un-neurotypical children in the world. Don’t be like us and have to learn the hard way. Research and learn now before you end up a with a child that will mentally stay a child their whole lives, that you be raising until the day you die or have a baby that you will have to needlessly bury. You can’t go back once the damage is done and you will have to live with that everyday of your life.

    Just because your kid seemed fine after their previous vaccines doesn’t mean that they will be so lucky the next time. It is playing a game of Russian roulette with your child’s life.”

  3. futuret says:



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