Reader friends… this video may very well convince many unbelievers that indeed, the world, including the United States, is morphing over into what Glenn Beck describes as a hybrid singular world wide government. Christians believe this will be the One World Government, under the dictator known as the antichrist. Just so you know, I’m not a Mormon or for that matter, a Glenn Beck fan. Nevertheless, giving credit where it’s due, this is a well documented video, and I believe Beck has done his homework, however….he still believes in an outcome that will save the Republic….”if only” people will wake up and smell the coffee, and/or start actively praying. As for me, I believe scripture will be fulfilled and biblical prophecy is now lining up rapidly with the signs of the times. The evidence in this video is one more proof we are headed in that direction at breakneck speed.


  1. ruth d. says:

    we know where this world is heading and don’t need any cia operation mockingbird worldy airwaves, to tell us, they all follow their father the devil, we need to follow ours.why do ya think they own all the tv and radio airwaves, for decades?, we are surrounded with lies daily, everywhere, fake churches, religion, schools, , music, movies, commercials, , in the workforce, ect., all has been being revealed to this generation, hope it continues, , because non of us likes where this country and world is going.all disinfo agents, look up operation mockingbird.theyve got the money, they’ve got the mic.of public opinion, strong dillusion.

  2. Al Nelson says:

    I may have writen this before, but I was an avid listener of Glen Beck years ago. Then the Lord told me to stop listening to him. I didn’t listen for a year. When I did come back to listen, I could hear the voice of Anti-Christ. Not that he is, but that what was saying was not from the one true God. From that day forward I couldn’t listen to him at all. Brothers and Sisters beware.

    • Scarlett says:

      Basically the same for me Bro Al, as I explained in my intro. I generally don’t follow politics in any case, but was handed this by my son, who does. I pointed out it’s interesting that the signs of the times are lining up with scripture. so that even unbelievers can see the obvious comparison. That said, I am in no way encouraging anyone to become a follower of Glenn Beck. In fact, like you, I was never led to….spirit filled believers don’t follow spiritual advice from Mormons, aka “Church of Latter Day Saints”, which he is. To be clear, there was nothing in his video that had any “spiritual” content, it was all political except at the very end when he mentioned the need to pray. And I will….indeed, pray for him and other Mormons that they will leave their false god and be saved unto the Lord Jesus Christ.
      However, thank you for you caution which shows you spiritual astuteness.
      Many blessings,

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