For all Secessionists who say the Gifts of the Holy Spirit ended with the Apostles….

Mary Fitzgerald Rodriguez
“For those who say the Gifts of the Holy Spirit ended in the time of the Apostles, but cannot give one sound scripture reference when, exactly, did this occur, I want to give you a warning. For something so important to salvation back then to be discarded and even despised by you, you are basically denying salvation…..true salvation, not this “raise your hand to accept Jesus” stuff that goes on in your churches.

There is nowhere in scripture where an Apostle or early believer told others “after I’m dead, don’t speak in tongues or perform miracles. Don’t have discernment nor cast out any demons. Just have a lukewarm faith and make sure you tell those who have the Gift s that they are from the devil.”. It’s NOT in there!

So stop twisting the verses you use to justify your deception… “When that which is perfect comes, tongues etc will cease.”. Jesus is that which is perfect and He hasn’t come back yet. The other one where they say, “but Lord, we performed miracles in Your name, etc” and Jesus said to depart because He never knew them, refers to counterfeit acts from the devil, not the true Gifts.

When you deny and despise the Holy Spirit of God, you are antichrist…you are blaspheming God. Your incomplete “salvation” is just that,….. incomplete….and I dare to infer that you are not saved at all, especially when you claim God’s Gifts and those who use them are unsaved workers of Satan .

Please, I implore you….take this to the Lord in prayer or you will be the ones to whom He says, “depart from Me, I never knew you”


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