What You Never Heard Before, Pt 2: “To Put Out Their Light” – July 6, 2019

The Master's Voice


For there is nothing secret that will not be disclosed [exposed], and nothing hidden that will not be made known and brought to light. – (Luke 8:17)

I move now to the matter of SNUFF FILMS. Ladies and gentlemen bear with me, I know this is strong content BUT this is the Lord’s word and revelation so it must come out. I looked online for definitions but what I found appalled me. Every major news outlet or so called “information site” [Wikipedia, Snopes, etc] says- ‘These films are a figment of imagination and do not exist. They are made with clever special effects and so appear real but are not’. This angered me. Brethren, beware of lies advanced through media to hide or protect wicked agendas. I now share the Lord’s prophetic revelation from early hours July 6, 2019. Let your own judgement of the particular details…

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