Isn’t it amazing that America isn’t in scripture?

Isn’t it amazing

Even if you are only a casual student of Bible prophecy, then you have probably heard it stated, “It is amazing that the scriptures are silent about America.”

I once thought the same thing myself. But after decades of prayerfully studying scripture, coupled with an unbiased reexamination of America’s founding and history of interaction with other nations, I no longer believe that statement to be true. Rather, I have become fully persuaded that America is indeed mentioned in Bible prophecy; and the outcome doesn’t look good. Moreover, I want to strongly emphasize that I truly do not like this message; and for decades have challenged it in hopes of being able to disprove it so as to abandon it and just leave it behind me.

Since that didn’t happen, a sense of a godly charge gives me an overwhelming compulsion to submit the information in this…

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