STAND! (Commentary by Watchman73)

By the Blood of the Lamb

As the beast system rises day by day, so does the tyranny. Everywhere you look it seems that the spirit of antichrist is growing and evermore pervasive. I live in an area of the country considered to be free and full of bible-believing, God-fearing people. A state where we puff out our chest and say “God bless America” and “God bless Texas.” Sadly, most have no idea how far we are beyond “God bless America.” God’s judgement is coming upon this land faster than people can comprehend. The worst drought in decades is upon us, causing sharp spikes in future food prices; the world economy is on the verge of total collapse; earthquakes and volcanos are increasing at an alarming rate; and the world is closer than ever to thermonuclear World War III. Shame on those folks who call themselves Christian, but cannot discern the times in which we live!…

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One comment on “STAND! (Commentary by Watchman73)

  1. Scarlett says:

    Brother, your commentary was so excellent and truthful. Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for not seeing the signs of the times, but it seems no matter how many warnings the Sovereign Lord has been giving His people as well as the world, the majority go right on, with business as usual, making no spiritual or even earthly changes to prepare for it.
    And indeed, expecting an already corrupt government to come in and save their hides, (comfort zones), is sheer folly. It’s embarrassing to me as a believer to think the “church” has slipped so far down into apostasy.

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