Do Sinners “Split Hell Wide Open”?

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

I’ve often heard Christians say, “If I hadn’t been saved, I would have split hell wide open”

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAcQAAAAJDBiYmMzYTYxLTQ4MTQtNDM0Yi1iNDAyLTMzMGMyM2E5ZDlmZAI thought when they said that…”No, we aren’t that special as big time sinners. Hell would have just opened it’s gaping mouth to receive that person as just another foolish man or woman who refused to accept the Lord’s free offer of Grace and Salvation”. Like the song of the late Frank Sinatra, “they did it their way”. Mankind in it’s folly has tried to circumvent the Truth of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, as if to shake their fist in protest to the moving of the planets. It won’t work, It never has worked and never will work. Without believing in and receiving the Lordship of the Lord Jesus, and being born again, there is no other way to salvation.

Unbelievers often say, God is unfair to send people to…

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