Michael Wurmbrand : “The reason I placed all in writing…”

Voice of the Martyrs Son, Tells His Sad Story

Trezire si Restaurare

mihaiThe reason I placed all in writing was because I found out in numerous discussions I did have with VOM leaders, that what was orally communicated was repeatedly twisted and misrepresented. Therefore I wrote a letter to the entire board of directors of Voice of the Martyrs asking a reply in writing. I asked for an independent investigation of suspected pedophilia after their past chairman committed suicide within hours of a police-filed report by the parents of a 10-years old.

When I appeared in the board of directors, meeting some for the first time, I was listened-to in stone silence, not one of them volunteered one question, answer or comment. 4 days later I received a dismissal of employment letter, made out of canned paragraphs, with not one “reason,” “sorry” “thank you, ” or showing any interest in continuing ongoing missionary projects I managed, since I dared ask for an…

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