The Last Reformation-The Beginning (2016) Full Movie

There are precious brothers and sisters right here on the Christian portion of WordPress that would so very much benefit in their walk with the Lord Jesus by watching this film in it’s entirety. Why? Because the premise of it is that Luther didn’t complete the reformation. I’ve known this for years.  Now, the Lord isn’t doing some new thing….apparently what is happening all over the world is a “completion” of the reformation, or even put in a fuller sense…the way our Savior intended it to be in the first place….as it was in the early church.

If you are a true, honest Christian, you can’t deny that the way “church” is practiced today, is a far, far cry from the way it was practiced in the primitive church. Please……….before you discount what I am saying, if Jesus is everything to you, you owe it to yourself, and to Him, to watch this. It will change your way of thinking, I promise you.


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