Clayton Jennings – pastor releases evidence of wicked predatory behaviour.

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ChurchWatch Central

With news breaking almost daily, proof (warning – explicit content) has finally been put forward of Clayton Jennings’ wicked predatory behaviour towards a 16 year old girl. Rather than heed the pleas of those calling him to repentance, Jennings continues to attack those bringing his sins to light.

P&P News Division writes:

When Don Jennings was ousted from his last church for helping to cover up the sexual and spiritual predation of his son, his wife and Clayton’s mother – Lisa – demanded the church give her the rights to a longstanding passion play directed by herself each year entitled Behold the Lamb. Being a major theatrical production for a small Indiana town, seeing the ‘show biz’ continue was important for Lisa, who used it to help propel her son into the spotlight.

Pulpit & Pen has spoken to members of Jennings’ former church who refer to Clayton as…

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