Pope Francis Declares In Mass On Tuesday That Worshipping Mary Is ‘Not Optional’ And That She ‘Provides All Blessings’ As The Mother Of God

Dangers of Tattoos – Confirmation Tattoos Are Demonic

Tattoos started as a fad about 15 years or so ago in the United States. And soon, even some Christians jumped on the bandwagon and started getting “Tats” on their various body parts. Why is it people have to follow fads? Christians are told not to be conformed to the world and yet it seems like they follow every new fad that presents itself? Why? There is nothing inherently attractive or beautiful about mutilating your body like a billboard or roadmap. Christians know the Lord said not to do this….yes, it’s in the Old Testament but so what? Listen to Him…your Heavenly Father knows best. And if He said don’t do it, then don’t do it. Anyway, it just makes you look like the rest of the herd.

Jesus Truth Deliverance

I made a post a while back about tattoos possibly opening up demonic portals into a person. Well, because of a recent event there is confirmation to me that tattoos do indeed open doors to demonization.

A church-going woman called me on the phone sounding very depressed, distraught, and broken. She told me she was hearing voices in her head putting her down and that she battled depression and suicidal thoughts. People thought she was going crazy. She was even admitted to a hospital and put on medication to deal with her mental health issues. She said to me that she did a web search about hearing voices and she found my post about it where I stated that hearing voices are usually a symptom of demonization (it was probably either A Man on Dr. Phil Hears Voices on Dr. Phil That Demeans Him and His Family: “Mental Illness” or Demons?

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