Vatican releases combined cross and crescent logo for Pope’s trip to Morocco. Marketing Logo for Blossoming of the Mystery Religion of Babylon. So it begins!!! Satan’s biggest religious lie in mankind’s history is being unwrapped to deceive billions of those who walk the earth. Just in time for the coming ‘covenant of peace and safety.’ Prophecy unfolding before our eyes.

The priest in the small southwest desert town where I lived, has a Buddha in the garden in his front yard. It’s hard for me to understand why the die hard Catholics in this area are OK with this.

The Night Watchman

Blog note: So it begins… False Prophet reveals Satan’s ‘Mystery Religion’ strategy of the end times. An ‘interreligious’ political theology based on the coexistence and brotherhood of the world’s two largest false religions (Pagan Christianity + Militant Islam). A false political peace based on a false religious peace via a satanic blending of Catholicism and Islam. In this strategy, Satan can effectively deceive the world’s spiritually inclined to follow a ‘syncretic’ form of religion that is not in any way-shape-or-form contingent upon faith in Christ, in the belief of Christ, in the gospel, in the forgiveness of sins through the cross and his resurrection. This is a ‘handshake’ or covenant with hell and Satan that compromises the original gospel of Christ with the world’s foremost evil, deceptive, false, militant religion foisted on mankind … Islam. Additionally, the False Prophet can promote this ‘syncretic form of religion’ around the world with…

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