2 comments on “This Last Generation 2019 || End Time War || So Powerful

  1. This is ultra straw man argument idiocy. Claiming this generation lives as if it was only generation . Nope. Every generation is likewise. But no reason to fundamentally poop on everything and everybody. Premise one, the straw man argument… is audience control, it is slavery. What a downer . What idiocy! For shame ! Jesus didn’t do this. Jesus didn’t mentally enslave. Jesus isn’t so enslaving as this straw man Morin.

    • Scarlett says:

      I’m sorry to have to disagree with you, but this was an excellent video and teaching sermon. This indeed is a very decadent, shameless, and godless generation, which I believe even the Lord God believes as well. There was no reason to diss the video with a straw man accusation, or accuse anyone of enslavement….
      of course Jesus didn’t enslave anyone, nor was the sermon attempting to enslave the audience or anyone else. Convict them perhaps, or urge change and repentance. The Lord is doing that as well, in His Word and through His preachers and prophets.
      Take care Mr. Burke and God bless…..

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