By Julie Whedbee Wednesday, March 21, 2018 WAR IS UPON YOU AS THE MAN OF PERDITION AWAITS HIS ROLE – MY BRIDE, LOOK UP! I’m sure that like all of you who are seeking Father with all you have, the weariness and challenges of this life can be quite overwhelming at times. We all know […]



  1. Tony says:

    The man you post calls President Trump Saul.
    The Word says the following:

    Rom 13:1 — Rom 13:2 (NKJV Strong’s,)

    Submit to Government
    ​ Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.

    If God appointed him to be president then accusing him of being Saul is preaching rebellion.

    The apostle Paul says the following

    1Ti 2:1 — 1Ti 2:2 (NKJV Strong’s,)

    Pray for All Men
    ​ Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.

    It is not given us to be Presiden Trumps judges but rather we are to intercede on his behalf. Furthermore Paul say the following in Titus

    Tit 3:1 — Tit 3:2 (NKJV Strong’s,)

    Graces of the Heirs of Grace
    ​ Remind them to be subject to rulers and authorities, to obey, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to be peaceable, gentle, showing all humility to all men.

    This prophecy is laced with the poison of rebellion. A little leaven leaves the whole lump. I would caution you about listening to him.

    • Scarlett says:

      This post you’re on was prophesied by a woman, not a man. Please be kind enough to include at least the name of the prophet and the paragraph in context of what you are talking about. If this was a valid prophesy and the prophet said Trump was like Saul, then it’s “thus saith the Lord”, not the Prophet per se, since the Prophet is merely relaying what the Lord said under the anointing.

      In any case….to launch into a bunch of copy and paste “claiming the prophet is preaching rebellion”, and is “laced with the poison of rebellion, is such a stretch it’s almost laughable. However, we do know we are to pray for our leaders, and hopefully the Lord will give us discernment into what and how to pray for them, even so far as their character defects. We are not to be blind sheep. In His Word….Jesus, still under the Law, went so far as to call Herod, “That fox”. Would we accuse Jesus of preaching rebellion against the King of Israel? Just saying….
      Finally, who is the “him” you are warning me about?…. and please include the necessary quotation in context.

      • Tony says:

        When I hear someone, man or woman, who claims to be a prophet and thus speaking for the Lord turn and begin to berate a person placed in authority by the Lord I cease listening.. When God calls a prophet to speak to a people He first gives them a love for the people including leaders. When president Trump was elected and all he’ll broke out against him the Lord gave me Psalm 2 while in prayer concerning Trump. I know that there are witches covers praying for his downfall. So I guess you will have to include me as a false prophet because I do not see the president as Saul or Belshszar.

      • Scarlett says:

        The Lord doesn’t always prophesy smooth things. People don’t like to hear a hard word from the Lord. This doesn’t mean the Lord or even the Prophet he sends doesn’t love those to whom the prophesy was sent, or spoken about. A true prophet will ALWAYS call upon people to REPENT, no exceptions.

        Far from prophesying smooth things, as the false prophets do, telling people how wonderful it’s going to be and how the Lord is going to bless and prosper them, the Lords sends rebukes, warnings and in the extreme, even judgments so that people will repent. http://www.wordsfitlyspoken.org/gospel_guardian/v15/v15n45p8,13b.html

        It was for this reason, they stoned the prophets! Make no mistake, it’s the same today. And for this reason also, the world will begin persecuting the Lord’s children and “stoning them” spiritually and otherwise.

        Yes, the Lord chose Saul, and even David knew Saul was the Lord’s anointed, but the Lord also knew what the outcome would be in spite of the ways things looked, as it is also in this hour. The enemy of our souls has many changes of clothing, and we need more discernment than ever at this critical point in history.

      • Tony says:

        Using that line of thought tell me when David committed adultery with Bathsheba and subsequently had her to whom was the prophet Nathan sent;To the people to talk about David’s sin or to David ? David’s sin was grevious and he paid a great price for it. However, he was still known as a man after God’s heart. My point here is that sin needs to be confronted head on and not sugar coated and excused just as you have said. The true prophet of God does not speak evil of a person the Lord has placed in authority whether good or bad. Jude says the following:

        Jud 1:8 — Jud 1:9 (NKJV Strong’s,)
        Likewise also these dreamers defile the flesh, reject authority, and speak evil of dignitaries. Yet Michael the archangel, in contending with the devil, when he disputed about the body of Moses, dared not bring against him a reviling accusation, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”

        If the arch angel Michael does not insult or revile Satan then what does that tell us regarding those placed in a position of authority over us?

      • Scarlett says:

        First of all Tony, there was no where in the my post, the one you are referring to, where the prophet thru the Lord, “spoke evil” of President Trump….even though you keep trying to say so, and belabor the issue, even to the extent of saying the post was “laced with the poison of rebellion”. Good grief!

        Also: Jude 1:8 was talking about Satan, and his dignitaries, powers and principalities.
        Again, there was no insult or reviling in that post….just speaking the truth, saying that Trump was “as” Saul. There was the implication that President Trump, as was Saul. to be taken out of his post prematurely….nothing else.
        You are not seeing that, but just surmising in a very bad way, and making something out of it that was your own opinion. Likewise, with Belshazzar….for heavens sake.
        I think you should go be about your Masters business, and leave me alone to do the same.
        Peace and Grace…

      • Tony says:

        Here is the post I was referring to regarding president Trump.


        Prayfully read it.

      • Scarlett says:

        I asked you to show the quote in context that you were referring to and complaining about, as well as the prophet. Once again, you’ve not done that, and once again, redirected the attention over to one of your posts instead.

        Good Word Press etiquette demands courtesy not to come on someone else’s blog, under one of their posts, and then make a comment such as you have made a habit of doing, like “Have you seen this?”, accompanied by a copied and pasted link to something entirely different. The problem with this is that it necessitates the blog owner to have to either delete the comment and link, or else OK the comment and have to go and “vet” whatever the commentor posted, which may be entirely contradictory to the truth….which in the TWO recent comments you posted were far from being from a legitimate prophet.
        My problem then was having to tell you and show actual evidence that the man was a false prophet. You obviously took umbrage at this and then it came to my notice that you began to go through my postings and find things to find fault with. I’m not mistaken about that. You didn’t disagree with the post, (mine), until I disagreed with you…it was only then that you began taking issue and finding fault with that prophesy
        I’m very sorry about that Tony, but I can’t allow this to continue. Let’s just be done with this and say we’ve agreed to disagree.

      • Tony says:

        That’s not correct Scarlet. You and I have disagreed in the past. But as to not beat this to death I agree to disagree

  2. Scarlett says:

    There’s nothing to wait around about. The man has already exposed himself as a false prophet in just this one posting on his own website.


  3. Tony says:

    Have you seen this?

    Thank you for your interest Tony…I haven’t had time to view and study some of the sites you send.
    Peace and grace,

  4. Scarlett says:

    By Holy Spirit Wind

    “I tell you this day Donald Trump is also as Belshazzar for he is the last king of Babylon/America.”

    Received 2-16 through 2-18-18

    America, this is the Lord Jesus Christ, Yahushua HaMashiach, the one who loves you more than any other and the one that your nation used to love. You have fallen away from Me and it grieves My heart to tell you the things that I must tell you now. Not many days from now there will be an event that will change everything in your world.

    This is not the first time that I have told you this through My son and I’ve told you many times, to many of My servants the prophets, and to My watchmen, and even to many of My people who just know Me very well. In the past I have told My son that this is the “kick-off event” because many other events will follow afterward. After it will follow war, economic collapse, martial law and lawlessness, famine, diseases and plagues, persecution of those called by My name, beheadings, torture, extreme weather both hot and cold, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, mega-earthquakes, meteors and asteroids, hail, and fire mingled with blood shall fall, as well as hailstones weighing hundreds of pounds, tsunamis, and everything that is in My Scriptures, including the coming of the fallen angels, which include the locust creatures and the giants and others. Remember that I have said “As the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. For as in the days before the flood, they were eating (human flesh) and drinking (human blood), marrying (human women) and giving (human women) in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark.” (Matt 24:37-38)

    I am the Ark of safety for My beloved remnant. Those who are Mine will be spared from My wrath but they will suffer the wrath of Satan in differing degrees, depending on how pure and holy they have kept themselves. Only My blood can wash your sins whiter than snow and then you can put on My robe of righteousness, for My bride must be without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.

    My warnings have awakened some, but not as many as I would like. My will is that all would awaken, just as it is My will that all would be saved by My blood sacrifice for all of humanity, but most do not accept it. America, you have not listened to My words and you have not repented from your evil, wicked, sinful ways and I must allow the judgment to go forth. The repentance from the former judgments that I’ve allowed was very short-lived and now almost everyone has gone back their evil, wicked, sinful ways, except for a very few.

    America, you have been lied to! Oh My people, don’t you see? I would have mercy on you but you have not repented! Your false prophets say all is well but they lie, for they know Me not. They say the things that people want to hear because they are nice, positive, easy words which require no change or commitment on the part of the people. They do not listen to My words but the words of the deceiver are on their tongues. Yes, lying spirits have been allowed to be sent out through them and have even filled the mouths of those who had previously preached My word with fire and conviction of the Holy Spirit and in the fear of the Lord, but now they fear only men. They did not remain diligent in protecting the integrity of My word and they have exchanged the truth for a lie. I allowed this to test the leaders and those who call themselves by My name, for I am dividing the sheep from the sheep as well as from the goats.

    You have been told by the lying spirits that Donald Trump is as Cyrus but this is not true. For the reign of Babylon has not ended, but very soon it will. America is Babylon the great, “Therefore her plagues will come in one day—death and mourning and famine. And she will be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who judges her.” (Rev 18:8) I have told My son before that Donald Trump is as Saul because My people wanted a king, just as Israel did, and I gave her one but he was not My perfect choice. I wanted to be the only king for Israel, just as I wanted this for My people in America. I tell you this day, Donald Trump is also as Belshazzar, for he is the last king of Babylon/America.

    I say to you this day, America, the words that were written upon the wall (Daniel 5:25-28) “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. This is the interpretation of each word. MENE: God has numbered your kingdom, and finished it; TEKEL: You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting; PERES: Your kingdom has been divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.” I tell you the Medes and Persians represent America’s enemies and many are within your borders and in your government offices. “That very night Belshazzar, king of the Chaldeans (Babylonians), was slain.” (Daniel 5:30) Babylon/America shall be first taken over and then utterly destroyed, after Donald Trump is slain. The one who America really loves will replace him (Trump) and will oversee her (America’s) complete destruction.

    I tell you America, there are not many days left for you that will be as peaceful as it is even now. What is coming is the product of the seeds that you have planted. Once it begins, it will never be the same. Former things will never come back. Many will long for the former days but those that do shall be consumed as Lot’s wife and they shall be lost.

    My remnant, I want you to begin to pray, not for Me to take this event away, for it must come now, but for mercy upon those who will see the end of their life on Earth. You must be praying now that My Holy Spirit would reveal Me to their hearts and that they would be broken and repent before this calamity, destruction, and the great loss of men’s lives takes place. Pray that many would know My name and that they would be saved from the flames of hell in their last dying breaths, as they cry out My name; Jesus or Yeshua or Yahushua or “GOD HELP ME!” Or even “GOD IF YOU’RE THERE I NEED YOU!” I alone can judge a man’s heart and that is exactly what I judge. I have never made a mistake yet and I never will!

    There will be no peace on this Earth until I reign from My throne in Jerusalem.

    Author Jeff Byerly Posted on February 20, 2018

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