How Voice of the Martyrs Funded Abuse of Nigerian Orphans

While the donation money keeps rolling in….Voice of the Martyrs continues begging for more….and meanwhile has done nothing about this scandal. It’s past time VOM donors and supporters demand complete accountability across the board in the VOM organization. Watch the video and see for yourself what has been going on behind the scenes in Nigeria.

VOM supporters and donors….it’s your obligation to be good stewards of the money and support you give in behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ. 


4 comments on “How Voice of the Martyrs Funded Abuse of Nigerian Orphans

  1. The Wartburg Watch has now picked up this story. The word is spreading. I am a former VOM worker who has known that things have been very wrong there since 2002. Corruption spreads like a virus. Much evil gets done in the name of our savior and lord. Our attitude towards Mammon in the west has a lot to do with why even when exposed crimes against children and against the Truth do not get dealt with.

    • Scarlett says:

      The Wartburg Watch was on this from the beginning to a certain extent, but I don’t believe any site has gotten into the depth of investigative research as much as this one. Unfortunately, VOM has become so large and powerful they continue on like a gigantic steamroller with nothing to stop them. “Too big to fail?” just like the bank bail out, and the people love to have it so…after all, doesn’t VOM take care of all those precious persecuted brethren with the donors financial support? Actually, it seems to me that VOM is very careless with their supporters hard earned donations.

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