Susan Lynch: Friendship and Faith

Sisters in Christ

We all have that one friend. He or she is full of advice, they have the answer to everything we are going through, and most of the time they lead us straight into oncoming traffic. You know exactly which friend I’m talking about. Almost every conversation you have with them ends with “Just follow your heart, it will never steer you wrong.”
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Jeremiah 17:9 – “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Well, speaking from personal experience I have to tell you that my heart has led me down way too many wrong paths and far too few Godly paths over my 37 years. Our hearts may want to do the right thing, but more often than not they get side-tracked with our own emotions and lose sight of what God intended them to do. The truth of the matter is that our heart…

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3 comments on “Susan Lynch: Friendship and Faith

  1. Scarlett says:

    Her post was just so good!

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