7 Prophetic Warnings the LORD Gave Lester Sumrall About America

Lester Sumrall was one of the last true Apostles of the Lord to speak to the America people regarding the last days warnings regarding the moral and spiritual decline of the United States. We are surely seeing these warnings coming to pass in this hour, in 2016. The election of a new America President will not change these warnings. Without a true collective and heartfelt repentance of the American people back to the God of the Bible, judgment will surely follow.




7 comments on “7 Prophetic Warnings the LORD Gave Lester Sumrall About America

  1. These comments do not work, or you have delisted “In That Day Teachings” as an answer?

    • Scarlett says:

      Dear Robert, I have not delisted, “In That Day Teachings” obviously, but that doesn’t mean that I agree with your take that it is the total answer.

      • Thank you for your kind patience, and allowing my posts. Thank you, I appreciate your posts.

      • Scarlett says:

        You’re welcome Robert. I don’t usually post such lengthy and wordy comments, but to continue a bit….Yes, indeed, dear old Job had his issues as well as we do, and Satan knows exactly what they are, as the dialogue between the Lord and himself illustrates …..but my, what a price for Job to have to pay. As for him, as well as us, wouldn’t just be easier to deal with our sins, (pride or whatever), honestly and get it over with?

  2. The answer is to defund Prog Ed in K-12, university, law-journalism-film-LEO-military schools; replacing the anti-republic pedagogy with Western Enlightenment.

    Lester, in not giving any answer to the problems, falls into the Prog trap of finding problems and offering no solution. Sure, he says God is the answer… but actually the answer to this problem is Western Enlightenment public education. Up until 1900, the US had Western Enlightenment Ed. Then Prog Ed slowly took over, resulting in the things Lester mentions. The solution is to defund Prog Ed and fund Western Enlightenment Ed. Got it?

    Fourth of July 2016 Speech (Proposed) Lincoln-like, if you will… Lyceum, the pattern.

    • Scarlett says:

      Sir, unlike you I believe Lester Sumrall has given the answer, which is in God, not just the secular solution you seem to be promoting. The problem should be obvious; that of the god of this world taking root in the hearts and minds of the American people. The only true and lasting remedy would be for the American people, themselves, to collectively repent and turn back to the God of the Bible. I am not holding my breath on that happening, since scripturally, all signs point to a great falling away from the faith, not a great collective repentance. History repeats, but only as long as there is no longer “history”, as we have come to think of it. But God has been long suffering and merciful having stretched out His arms to a perverse and rebellious people. Time is running out.

      • All I am suggesting is to see that from 1776 unto 1900, the US prospered (and was blessed by God!) by the fact that public education consisted of “Western Enlightenment.” Especially note that from 1776-1900 the education system was not as modern Evangelicals suggest it be, which is theocratic education based on Christian-themed public education. Nope, the great success of the USA, was that its public education was Western Enlightenment, straight up.

        So, the correct answer for our days, for modernity… is for Education in the public arena to STOP being Progressive, which is decline-making in nature. Public Education must return, simply to what it was from 1776-1900, which was Western Enlightenment. In fact, the education of the Founding Fathers was not as Evangelicals suggest is the current solution: a theocracy based on Christian Education? NOPE. Our Founding Fathers were educated in extraordinary Western Enlightenment. So what was good for them, and the US from 1776-1900, would also be good from 2016 onward: Simply defund Prog Ed and install Western Enlightenment. Do you see this?

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