Did You Know the “Church” You’ve Been Going to is Not the Real Church?

Listen up church folks, it’s way past time to get a true understanding once and for all, just what “church” is, and what it isn’t. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes some 20 yrs ago to the truth that the organized so-called “church” buildings we all went to, were only a weak and rather powerless counterfeit and not the ekklesia, the True Body of Christ that He, the Lord Jesus ordained.  But we had been taught from childhood, and were convinced in our minds, that because everyone else did church….and that’s the way it’s always been done,  and it had the name of Jesus on it, and the people believed in Him, and believed in the bible, etc, etc, etc, that it must be so….right? Well, that’s not exactly very “Berean like”, is it? If you stop and think about it, without jumping to a usual conclusion, what we were taught, and accepted as fact, truth and right…was only a form of indoctrination that we’d all accepted without question.  (Unfortunately, we’ve been taught a lie. It is NOT the way church was practiced in the beginning, in the Book of Acts, the way Jesus intended and ordained).  Don’t buy into the falsehood that “times have changed and the “church” evolved. The church has changed, but not for the better. However, if this descrbes the way you’ve been doing “church”, I urge you to view this entire video from beginning to end.  You will see that what’s being spoken here is truth. And I can assure you that the truth you will learn here will set you free from the bondage and slavery of this false organized church system once and for all. Jesus Christ is once again calling His people out of Egypt across the Red Sea of denominational Nicolaitanism to join Him in the true Liberty of the Spirit. 

22 comments on “Did You Know the “Church” You’ve Been Going to is Not the Real Church?

  1. Scarlett says:

    It was “The Vigilent Christian” sister. You’re very welcome.

  2. Scarlett says:

    It was “The Vigilent Christian” sister. You’re very welcome.

  3. Hope Wingo says:

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  4. Hope Wingo says:

    Scarlett, I was raised in the Assembly of God. Although my dad was a pastor himself for a while, he had incredible discernment and would often tell us, “That’s a lot of “flesh” or “that isn’t biblical” when he would see or hear certain things. Looking back on some of the Pentecostal behavior that surrounded us, I’ve often wondered why God allowed His people to act that way. After all, we really did feel the sweet, sweet Spirit of the Lord as those things were going on around us. I think I’ve finally discovered the answer to that after all of these years. He allowed it because they wanted it. And now we see the fruits of that behavior as that same denomination embraces contemplative spirituality. Things never stay the same when we are in error. We will either allow ourselves to be corrected, or we will fall into apostate worship as we fall away from His Truth.

    • Scarlett says:

      I’ve thought of those same things sister, and my conclusion is about the same as yours. I’ve seen it in several churches, not only the AOG. I’ve seen the Holy Spirit move among a people in “church” that were in basic disobedience in many ways. After all, as the video clearly proves, “church” as we have come to know it, is skewed from the get go, and operating from man made perspective. Nevertheless, the Lord will bless His people as much as He can, while still not overlooking or condoning their rebellion and disobedience.

  5. Ufuomaee says:

    Hi Scarlett, thank you for posting this video. I was surprised and relieved to see that more Christians are aware of this truth and are boldly speaking out against it. I have several posts on my blog about the things mentioned in the video. I have categorized them under A Different Perspective. A few that might interest you are CHANGE YOUR MIND ABOUT CHURCH, THE DEVIL’S MINISTRY, THE BETTER COVENANT and THINK BIGGER!

    If you care to visit me, I’d love to hear your thoughts on some of them. I am happy to meet you, and I am interested in knowing more about your fellowship. For now, I am a bit of a loner, though I occasionally attend my local ‘Church’ assembly. My husband is understanding of my difference in belief concerning the Church, although he is still very much wrapped up on the organised religion. But what keeps me going is the belief that God’s children are still within the organised ‘Church’, and soon, the wheat and the chaff will be distinguished. Until then, I try to judge righteously and extend grace to others.

    Have a blessed day… I’ll be following you 🙂

    Sincerely, Ufuoma.

    • Scarlett says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog and graciously commenting. It’s nice to meet others who have either come out of the organized church or at least have a foot out the door…and the numbers seem to be growing.
      There is a vast distinction between the living vibrant ekklesia, and organized formatted religion as it’s practiced today. Others may disagree, and I’m OK with peaceable disagreement, but I am of the personal belief that the organized church cannot be reformed from within, and is therefore an exercise in futility to even attempt it. Nevertheless, I do understand….having family still inside presents unique difficulties…and indeed, it is surely preferable to extent grace to all no matter which side of the fence their on.
      Be blessed,

      • Ufuomaee says:

        Hi Scarlett, I appreciate your response. I have no plans nor desire to reform the organised Church! If they didn’t listen to Jesus or Paul, who am I?

        Please tell me more about your home fellowships. I’m keen to know how you live day to day too. Do you have jobs? Do you live in community? I don’t know anyone else with an understanding similar to mine where I am. I attend ‘Church’ now and then to relate and sometimes with hopes of meeting and growing more connected with other true believers, but each time, it feels like a waste a time. Read my post: WHAT ARE THEY FEEDING YOU IN CHURCH?

        I prefer fellowshipping with Believers online through blogging than attending Church… I just feel it isn’t right to be alone. How can you show love when you’re alone? How can you grow in character when you have no one to challenge you?

        Do you get what I am saying?

      • Scarlett says:

        Sister..I wasn’t suggested you tackle that “Mission Impossible” of attempting to reform the Organized church, as I do not believe you have a desire to be thrown over the cliff as the “church” was attempting to throw Jesus for what they felt was His “audacity” in doing the same thing.
        Also, would that I DID have all these exciting home church meetings. That has not been the case with me since the Lord drew me out of church to meet Him “outside the camp”. It has been indeed a test of my faith, and very lonely at times, since I walk alone. Yet, the Lord will not allow me to go back. Yes, there are times when I yearn for close fellowship and an avenue for using the gifts of the spirit to the Body, but I cannot disobey Him. This may not be true of every believer going through the exit portals of the ICC, but I have come to the realization that the Lord does make exceptions and some of us are tested in various ways not common to all. It may have been for me, that even though I felt I would have thrived more in a fellowship situation, the Lord was testing me to see if I would learn to find Him all sufficient for every spiritual need. And I do. He is my beloved, and first in my life above everything else. Not always an easy walk, but it has a certain mysterious way about it that is so gratifying. Just Me and Him…alone together. Yet, not alone.
        Yet you are obviously a young woman in the Lord seeking your place, and rightfully so. You said going to church “feels like a waste of time”. I do understand. Once you know the Truth about it, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Like one brother said who had sought to “fit in” to various churches for a number of years; one Sunday sitting there and telling the Lord he just didn’t fit in. The Lord spoke to him and said, “Why seek ye the living among the dead?” So, he quit.
        I’ve told you a little about me, now, a brother, Chris, who has this blog, writes and has had totally different experiences. He lives in a more populated neck of the woods, whereas I have lived primarily in small bible belt areas where you couldn’t blow them out of church with a stick of dynamite no matter what. Do check him out….you’ll like him…https://notesfromthebridge.wordpress.com/
        And he will love you! As I do, child of God. 🙂
        Come back soon,

      • Ufuomaee says:

        The Lord help you and everyone seeking to know Him more and obey Him. Why seek the living among the dead? Yes it is true and sad, but that’s what we do in the world… We are seeking to make disciples and searching through a world of spiritually dead people. I think the difference with the organised Church is that the members have a sort of madness, which makes them think they are spiritually alive…and so they will consider themselves in need of the Truth, which they believe they have.

        But my ministry has been among them. My focus is showing the GRACE and TRUTH of Christ. Jesus delivered mad men in His day and those possessed of demons. He said we shall do greater works than even Him. I minister to any that would call themselves Christian, that they may know the true WAY, TRUTH and LIFE.

        I used to be part of a Christian community, a sect that has been regarded as cultish. I wrote about it and my experience with them on my blog. They were the ones who enlightened me about the Church. Unfortunately, their knowledge of this and many other truths did not give them a heart after God’s own. You can read my testimony through my post: INTERVIEW WITH AN EX-JESUS CHRISTIAN, TEN YEARS ON.

        I will check out Chris’ blog. I already followed a reblog on here to locate it and liked his piece about us being called to perfection! I would to read more from you both and see what the Lord is ministering to you.

        I have been telling stories on my blog about marriage, because God had giving me a ministry here with that too. That’s the one avenue we are to learn and show God’s love, but so many people miss it, as the devil is destroying our witness through our marriages that are failing. I am about to publish a short series called HE CHEATED! I believe and pray it will heal many marriages.

        It’s been nice getting to know you. God bless and keep you in the Faith.

        Love, Ufuoma.

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    An excellent video worth the time…

  7. The Lord showed me this video a month ago; it is spot on. One way He is pleased to use me is in BEING this message WITHIN a Baptist church, patiently speaking forth Truth from within the system, for so very many of our brothers and sisters within the system truly love Jesus are ARE hungry for Him..,

    • Scarlett says:

      Thank you for your comment sister deanna. I would be very interested in hearing how that approach from within the system is changing and transforming lives to the extent they are willing to give up their old “norms”, and “come out of her”. Old habits die very hard, especially when they’ve been ground in for generations upon generations.

  8. Stephanie says:

    I am one who has been awakened and matured, beginning about a year ago. Christ showed me truth after truth after truth including Revelation, none of which was taught in my church. Feeling betrayed by the church, my family and I began worshiping on our own at home. However, after about 2 months of separation, God called me back into my church through a word He spoke to my pastor! My pastor already knew the truths I shared! He wants to make drastic changes, but is trying to determine how and when. He knows it will come at the expense of a church split. Meanwhile, Christ is showing me truths to share with my pastor, truths that I believe He wants declared from the pulpit. Also, our church has become mission-focused and we are pouring out into the community. Christ loves the church and is going after it in earnest now!

    • Scarlett says:

      I’m very happy for you Stephanie! And happy that it sounds as if at least the brother you call the pastor is making some tentative baby steps to correct a long standing and serious doctrinal error that’s operated through the church by man made traditions.
      To introduce the people to this new idea, which in reality isn’t new, you might try inviting all of them into the home for a familial meal, and assembly the way the early primitive church did….doing away with the “pulpit”, titles, and pews, and asking everyone to bring something to the “table” so to speak, as per scripture, instead of the “pastor” preaching the usual sermon from the pulpit”.
      I’m excited for what the Lord is doing all over the world, even in the darkest places. Please keep us informed on how this is progressing for you and your church. I believe truly with Christ ALL things are possible, even to transforming a stiff necked generation of die hard churchaholics into His Ekklesia.
      Be greatly blessed!

  9. RJ Dawson says:

    Excellent production. Thank you for posting it Scarlett.

    As one who has been telling this truth for decades it is refreshing to see it put into this form. Regarding the Leonard Ravenhill quote about so many Real Christians being on their own, something that is especially true for those who are prophetically oriented and gifted, there is often so solution. Many have prayed for years to be part of a real fellowship but their prayers have not been answered. I heard directly from the Lord a long, long time ago that I was searching for something that did not exist.

    The answer? CREATE IT. Real fellowship, that in which the Lord Jesus is within, can be two or three people. It does not even have to be a “permanent” group. The Lord also told me a long, long time ago that He was creating individual believers, those who know way too much and thus do not fit, and that He was in the process of calling them out and maturing them. I received that the day would come when all these individuals who loved Him and fit perfectly with Him would begin coming together. It is all the Lord’s doing and it is His timing. It is also a weeding out process and it can be very severe. I know this and have experienced it. Many have.

    But the Lord has a plan. His plan is coming to fruition. It will only be a Remnant, however, that follows Him to the end, that obeys and honors Him always regardless of circumstances (sometimes really bad circumstances and sometimes for a long time), and who will be a part of the Community He is putting together. All I can say at this time is that is it coming forth. Continue to be encouraged. Continue in your work. We are getting there. The Lord Jesus is in charge. Amen and blessings to you.

  10. Scarlett says:

    Thanks for your comment and the reblog, sweet sister Jacky…
    About this false church system, I know it and you know it, but I so wish, hope, pray and cry that our church indoctrinated brethren and family would know the truth. The video is so good, and lays it out perfectly for anyone who’s willing to listen and want to know the truth about the false church system.
    I think what I shall do about this matter is to take the video outside of the “WordPress” box and begin posting in the hedges and highways of town “Topix Forums” across the nation. I can almost imagine the first thing that most church going /Christians will do when they see that headline, is to get angry and begin defending their personal “church”, as being perfectly scriptural and in tune with every aspect of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  11. Jacky says:

    Amen dear sister! I will listen to this video and I too was told 20 years ago about the false church and it was shocking. The LORD gave me a vision I might post that again. God bless you for standing for the Truth the Truth that sets men free from their sins. jacky xx

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