I’ve only seen the Howard Stern Show maybe once in my lifetime, and once was enough to know that it was nothing but trash radio/T.V. Yet the thought came to me the other day about this particular person and the Lord, which was this; If Jesus had come today, in our time instead of 2,000 years ago and started his ministry, would he sit and talk to Howard Stern on his program?

Today I am confused and bothered by the lack of commitment the church has for the lost. It seems that the only way we can reach the lost is supporting others who actively engage the areas where the lost are, yet refusing to go themselves. In other words, we seem (speaking about the American church culture) to have become settled, even safe in our own world of our securely built sanctuary walled cities. Yet is that were the…

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  1. mhjones2001 says:

    Though it is a somewhat pointless hypothetical question, I would say “no.”

    What works be the purpose? Having dinner with sinners is hardly the same as appearing on the HS show. Why not sitnfor an interview with Hustler Magszine or Playboy Magszine. Those editors need salvation too, right?

    I don’t think it’s valid to try to extrapolate Jesus’ hypothetical actions today based on what he did then. The environments are simply not the same.

    • Scarlett says:

      I think if you read the entire article, he made the point very well, even if it was a rather extreme example. It’s my belief as well that many Christians have become entirely too uppity, judgmental and holier than thou, about approaching even many “milder” sinners than HS. And so, are becoming modern day versions of the Pharisees.
      However, you are entitled to draw y0ur own conclusions.
      Lord bless you,

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