A Woman will be President: “I am Woman” a prophecy from 2001 coming to pass in 2021

 Prior to the Destruction: The Spirit that Strengthens all things Feminine
Through Steven Crowder

“A spirit has arisen in your country, My son,—a  spirit that was put in place, according to My will, decades ago.  It is growing  in strength and influence, and no one shall be able to stop its progress, says  the Lord.  Those who attempt to do so shall proceed forth in vain—it will be as  futile as attempting to stop the rain from falling in Noah’s day.  This is the  great judgment upon your country, and no one will be able to stop it.  I will  cause it to run its course in your nation, and when things are in their proper  place, it is then I will cause the foretold catastrophic events to  take place that will crush this modern day harlot known as the United States of  America.”

“The spirit of the strong woman riding atop the  devil’s beast has been going forth and conquering with great subtlety and  deception for scores of years in your country, and the purpose in this is to  bring forth My desired results as a judgment upon your nation—My great judgment  that will lead to her fall, says the Lord.  Therefore, make your ear attentive  to My words that I shall speak to you here, and then go forth and warn those of  My people who will listen so that they will understand that it is the hand of  the Lord at work in this matter concerning your country.  You must warn them not to intervene in this matter with their prayers, for in this they can  only attempt to hinder My purposes, for these things shall come to pass,  and they must come to pass, for it is the judgment that I have chosen for  her [the United States of America] and set into motion years ago.”  

“I have shown other watchmen of Mine the  horrendous judgments that will come upon your nation, the stars falling from  heaven, and the mists and vapors that will fall upon her, leaving countless dead  in their wake.  What I am showing you here is what will occur just prior to and  leading up to these horrific events, for many have cried out to Me, ‘Lord, when  will these things come to pass, and what will be the sign of their coming?’  Have I not said that I will do nothing, unless first I reveal it to My  servants the prophets?”  [Amos 3:7]  

There are many of My watchmen scattered about,  warning My people that danger looms upon the horizon, but sadly, the great  majority of those who call themselves My people only listen to them in order to  placate their itching ears.  To put it more simply, their hearts can not truly  comprehend what the Lord is saying to His people, for so many have chosen  beforehand that they will only hear what they want to hear and then  discard the rest, lest it become bitter within them.  My son, when I told other  servants of Mine; those who would actually do all that I told them, to eat of  the book or to eat of the scroll, was it not sweet in their mouth, yet it made  their stomachs bitter?  And yet these blessed ones of Mine partook of this  bitter meal out of their obedience and out of their love and devotion to Me.  It  is this type of compliance that is pleasing to your Lord, and yet the great  majority of those who call themselves by My name have never learned to walk in  this type of obedience.  Instead, they have deceived themselves into thinking  that if something becomes bitter to them it must not be of Me—this is the lie  that they’ve chosen to believe in order to keep them from suffering!  And sadly  enough, this is the great lie that so very many have been given over to—so many  in fact, that if you saw it, your heart simply would not be able to endure it or  even to comprehend it!  This is how great the deception has become in these last  days, for sadly the great majority has chosen to deceive themselves into  believing only in part that which I have tried to show them, discarding the rest  as though it is of no use to them.  My pearls have truly been cast before them,  and yet they have foolishly trampled them underfoot!   I am not speaking of the  world here My son, but of those who call themselves My people!    Let it  be known that those who have chosen to follow this course will receive a much  greater judgment in the coming days than those who have willingly bore their  crosses and who have chosen to suffer rather than to only obey Me in the parts  that they have chosen.  Those who have chosen suffering rather than the fleeting  pleasures of this world are the ones who have produced their fruit in the great  furnace of affliction, and this fruit can never be taken away from  them—it has been stored where moth and rust can never touch it, and where the  thief can never take it away.  Soon, the wheat [those of Mine who have produced  true fruit of the Holy Spirit] shall be safely set aside into the barns of My  choosing—the safe places that I have reserved for them, while the tares [those  who resemble the wheat and grow in the same field, yet who did not bear the  fruit of the Holy Spirit] shall be bundled up together to be burned in a very  hot oven.  And it is in this oven that the last chances will be given to  them to produce fruit meet for repentance—the same fruit as the thief upon the  cross brought forth in his last hours upon the earth.  Although his life was  indeed over, yet he was spared an eternal punishment and was granted a place in  the eternal Kingdom and the Paradise of God.  This shall serve as an example for  the many who will be thrown into the great furnace of affliction in the days to  come.  Selah.”

“Do not be surprised or discouraged My son when  this message is only received in part by some who hear it.  There will be those  who will attempt to lift you up with great flatteries, and those who will  outright despise you for speaking as My mouthpiece, saying in their hearts, ‘Who  is he that he should speak the words of the Lord?’  There will be those who will  truly be blessed by this message, while others will be blessed only in part,  seeing that they’ve chosen to believe only the parts that they desire, while  forgetting the rest.  Do not let your heart be heavy or troubled by the  rejection that you will see, for they are not rejecting you, but they are  actually rejecting Me and casting aside My words, and I the Lord will  deal with them accordingly.  As for you My son, go forth into that which I have  allotted for you, and be careful to guard your heart from the snare of pride,  for in that which you have proven yourself faithful in, more shall be given.   And think not that My hand is not upon you anymore when there are periods of  peace and silence, for the Lord knows of your endurance and He will place you in  restful places as He sees fit.”

“The spirit of the strong woman riding atop the  devil’s beast has been at work in your country for decades now.  She is haughty  and proud, yet reserved and cunning.  The spirit of theatre has been upon her,  causing her to act out her part with great deception.  Although she smiles  widely in her heart while inflicting cruelty, she will not allow her facial  features or her body language to disclose this.  It takes great spiritual  discernment in order to see this, for its veil is very deceptive and very  convincing.  This is why I sent you to the stable, and why I kept you there for  many days.  What was it that you saw while you were there, My son?”

I said, “Lord, I saw a beautiful woman who  lived solely for the purpose of controlling the great beasts that she rode  upon.  This woman possessed exceptional strength and poise, and she was very  influential.  She received great adulation and many prizes for her mastery of  the horses she rode upon.  As I watched her, I began to discern many things in  my spirit, things that troubled me.”

And the Lord said to me, “What were these  things that you saw?”

I said, “Lord, there were many things out of  place in this woman’s life, as she truly lived to master her control over the  horses she owned.  Her marriage was one that was based out of convenience rather  than love, and I saw very little affection between her and her husband.  Rather  than seeing two lovers, I saw a man who was used for the talents he  possessed.  He was used to build things and to fix things in this woman’s quest  for more, more and yet still more.  And although she was married to this man  whose name means the rock, she refused to take his name, continuing to go by a  name that she was not even given by her own father.  This prideful thing caused  me to shake my head and to ponder why it was this way.  And sadly, Lord, I saw  that the union of this couple brought forth a child whom she’s orphaned due to  her dedication toward mastering the control of these great beasts that she sits  upon.  I was appalled to see that in her quest to master these horses, it was  really the beast itself that was controlling her.”

And the Lord said to me, “You have seen  correctly in this.  What is the name of the child that this woman has brought  forth?”

I said, “The boy’s name is Travis.”

And the Lord said to me, “What you have seen  here is very symbolic, and a foreshadow of what is happening in the spirit  realm.  The boy’s name means ‘Travesty.’  The woman goes by the name of  her own choosing, although she is married to a man named Rocky—the name that  means ‘the Rock.’  This is what has become of many of My people in your  country.  Pay close attention to Me as I explain this.”  

“Claiming to be married to and reserved for Me;  the great Rock of their salvation, many of My people have chosen to go their own  way, choosing to go by the names of their own choosing and bringing forth  children in a great travesty–children that eventually become orphaned, this  being due to their parents being controlled by the beast.   These children that  they bring forth are an easy prey for the enemy, seeing that they have  absolutely no influence from the one that bore them, and in many ways they’re  abandoned and must fend for themselves during their lifetime.”

And the Lord said to me, “What is it that you  have observed concerning the heart and the influence of this woman who sits upon  the beast?  I placed you for many months as a fly upon the wall so that you  could observe her and learn.  Tell me now, what is it that you have seen?”

I said, “Lord, I saw a great disdain that was  brought forth toward all men, although it was veiled with a smile and a type of  feminine pose that I was able to see through.  What I saw was actually more  masculine than it was feminine, and it was concealed by a front that was very  beguiling.  I saw a great disdain for men that poured forth from this woman, and  it affected all of the women around her and within her sphere of influence.  And  once in the spirit I actually saw this woman standing with other women of  like-spirit.  She was boasting and saying, ‘The actual purpose of men is to  serve us and to kiss our backsides.’  Lord, I feel badly saying this, but that’s  exactly what was shown.”

And the Lord said, “You have seen correctly in  this.”

I said, “Lord, this woman was rich, and she was  married to a man who was also rich, and through her wealth she was able to  control people with a cruelty that was also masked behind a beautiful smile.   While buying herself many expensive things, she stated that she simply could not  afford to pay her servants any more than the meager wages she offered them.  And  what shocked me the most is that I saw other women coming to her and paying her  to teach them how to be just like her!  And these women also had a great disdain  for men, saying in their hearts, ‘You may clean up after our animals, but you  can never be our friend.’  And it was common to hear them say things such  as, ‘Typical male reasoning,’ and ‘Typical male response,’ as their prideful  boasting poured out of their lips.  At this I wanted to become violent, but I  was restrained from doing so.  Lord, what does all of this mean?”

And the Lord said to me, “My son, I have placed  you within the confines of the stable in order to show you the heart of the  spirit that is sweeping your nation.  It is cruel and cunning, using the wiles  of a woman who has patiently waited for her chance to control things.  The beast  she is riding upon is none other than your adversary the devil, and although she  attempts to control him, it is actually he that is controlling her.  This is a  spirit, and it is going to run its course in your country, using its influence  to bring forth My desired results, and then her end will come  before the whole world.”

“I am raising up the spirit of the strong woman  in your country, and in her quest for power she will act very cruelly, although  her feminine wiles will cause her to appear beautiful.  She will have a great  disdain for men, and will treat them as mere servants to fulfill her needs,  although she will claim to be submissive.  This spirit is going to affect every  facet of your society, including politics, religion and especially the  entertainment industry.”

I said, “Lord, just how will this  affect our country, and how will it manifest itself?”

And the Lord answered my request and said, “In  the entertainment industry, women and men are going to change positions.  You  will more and more see women becoming the heroines, with the men serving them  and being made to look foolish.  You will more and more see women leading the  way as hunting and fishing guides and carpenters and supposed ‘experts’ in the  fields that men once dominated.  You will see more women in professional sports,  and women dominating the music industry.  Many of the songs that they will bring  to great popularity will speak in demeaning ways about men, and this will  influence many.  And; as is presently the case, the most popular music will be  about sex and love, as this theme will continue in its ever-seeking quest to  deceive people that sexual lust is to be equated with true love. Some of the  worst examples that you will see will come from the television, as beautiful  women will be used to seduce many, this being due to their physical  attractiveness and their talents in being able to act.  They will be like so  many beautiful puppets on the stage, spitting out lines that have been created  by those who are completely given over to doing evil—people called ‘screenwriters’ and ‘songwriters’ who abhor the Lord and desire to play out this  hatred by flaunting their well-conceived words and scenarios in front of all  people.  Increasingly, the good versus evil theme will be artfully projected as  woman versus man; with man being the evil character and this will seduce many  into siding with this way of thinking and acting.  When you hear them singing  the words, ‘I am woman, hear me roar,’ know that the time of the end is drawing  very near for your country, and that her judgment will soon come quickly and  without mercy.”

“You will see women rising in power and  influence within the world of religion, with an ever-increasing abundance of  them pastoring churches and teaching My Word from the pulpit.  Is it not written  in My Word by the apostle Paul that “I do not allow a woman to teach or  exercise authority over a man, but to remain silent”? [1 Timothy 2:12] And  was it the apostle Paul speaking, or was it the Lord?  Paul was merely a  messenger, a chosen vessel as it were, to speak My words.  There is nothing  wrong with a woman sharing with the brethren that which the Lord has given her,  but that is a completely different thing than it is for her to stand up in front  of all and teach!  In your country you are going to see more and more women  standing before all and teaching from My Word, and the people will love to have  it so, says the Lord.  For it is easy to teach from the well of knowledge, and  there shall be many brilliant ones that will stand up and boldly proclaim the  Word of God, all the while not knowing that they are only a small part of the  overall plan that the Lord has in order to bring this spirit of the rebellious  woman into its final place of power before the great hammer falls.  These women  will be greatly influential, speaking of the great things that your Lord has  done, but this will not be the type of preaching that comes from being  led by the Holy Spirit.  At best it will be earthly, speaking to the natural man  to come and get ‘saved’ by Jesus in order to prevent an eternity in hell.  And  this type of preaching will be very common in the days to come, and there will be those who will come forth in order to receive Me into their lives. But, there will be those who will go on from there and who will make Me  not only their Savior; but more importantly their Lord and Master,  and they will see the need to forsake man’s systems and they will gather only  unto Me and will not attach themselves to the systems of man any more.  These  will indeed be the blessed ones of My flock, says the Lord.”

“Within the world of religion, you are going to  see the powerful woman growing in strength and influence, and the feminine  things that reside in the area of the soul shall become more and more manifest.   There will be movements coming that will operate completely within the emotions,  with great deceptive fits of crying and wailing—and these will be called  manifestations of the Holy Spirit.  No more laughing and barking like dogs, but  weeping and wailing and crying—all in the name of the Lord.  It shall be said in  that day; and rightly so, that the time of great sorrows is soon to be upon us,  therefore the great bouts of weeping.  This too shall be a great deception, for  it shall be wailing from the soul and not out of conviction brought forth from  the Holy Spirit, and all the while the people will say, ‘We are weeping due to  the time of great sorrows—behold how the Lord will bottle our tears and pour  them back down upon us as a great blessing!’  I say to you that you will see  manifestations in that day that will absolutely stun you due to their completely  carnal nature, and yet the people will continue to say that it is the ‘sweet  anointing of the Holy Spirit upon them.’  This too will be the fruit that will  come forth from the emotions of men and women, due to the strength and influence  of the spirit that shall strengthen all things feminine.”

“It shall be not only women who will be  affected by this spirit, says the Lord, but men also who shall open up to it and  become affected.  The evidence of this will be in them bowing down to and  serving these strong women in an undue manner.  This manner shall go way past  that of normal servitude, as it shall be geared at lifting women up to a highly  elevated place, and submitting to them with great zeal.  Men who are affected by  this spirit will also become much more emotional, even to the point of acting  effeminate as part of their walk.  There will be men who are infected by this  spirit who will have great ministries that will become geared more and more  toward the ‘emotional’ side of things, and they too will become highly  influential in the days to come.  Sadly though, what they will equate with the  blessings of the Lord in that day will be no more than great emotional  outpourings that are a direct result of the leavening of this spirit.  It is  written in My Word ‘Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the  Lord of hosts.’ [Zechariah 4:6] and that which you shall see in that day  shall not be done by the power of My Spirit, but by the power of the  spirit that I shall allow to rise in power and that people shall be given over  to in that day, says the Lord.”

“In the political arena, you are going to see  women rising into more and higher positions of authority, says the Lord.  This  spirit that is at work in your country will empower them to boldly enter into  places that have in the past been dominated by men.  Ultimately, you will see a  woman attain to the highest office in the land, being swept into office by those  who are under the influence of this spirit.  As part of the political  campaigning, you will see evidence of this powerful spirit at work if you’re  looking for it—it will be very obvious to you in that day.  Whether this woman  will attain to the highest executive office in the land due to running as number  one or number two on the campaign ticket does not matter—she will attain  to the highest position at My appointed time, whether it be due to winning by  attrition or winning by election.  And, at that time, you shall see the great  many rejoicing in this so-called victory, not knowing all the while that it is  the Lord who has set their table before them and they shall eat a very bitter  harvest.  Of this new leader, it has been said decades before that she shall be ‘Well-dressed and beautiful, but cruel in heart.’  Her heart shall be as far  from  the Lord as north is from south, and she shall lead the country into its  final ruin.  Again, when you hear the words ‘I am woman, hear me roar,’ take  great heed, for the time of the end in your country is soon to be upon you, and  you will stand absolutely shocked at what you will see happening in the days to  come, says the Lord.

“When I cursed the woman in the Garden of Eden,  part of that curse was that her desire would be for the man’s position of  authority, for it is written, ‘your desire shall be for your husband, and he  shall rule over you.’  And so it is in your country My son, for women are  now heading into the final phase of the great takeover that has been ordained  years ago, and what the people shall call a great blessing shall in fact be a  great curse—a terrible judgment that will mark the end of the United States of  America—a country that had; years before, sold itself out to do evil.”

It is written in My Word that ‘a house  divided against itself can not stand,’ and in this case the house is  your country My son—the United States of America.  I have and I will cause the  men and women of this country to be divided against one another, and then her  end will come.  Do not pray against what your Lord has already ordained, but  warn the people of this coming judgment and tell them to get their hearts right  before the Lord, to hold on steadfastly to what is right, even though everything  around them may be going completely off course and contrary to the Lord’s will.   I am the Lord, and I will protect My own in that day.  Although they will walk  through the valley of death, they will not fear, for I will be with them.  There  will be great mourning in that day, for the slain of the Lord will be many, and  this will include friends and family as well as those who have persecuted you.   In that day, says the Lord, fear will be far from you, although you will lament  those who have fallen by the sword and by the multitude of pestilence about  you.  And in that day, says the Lord, you will know without a doubt that it was  by My hand that you stood, and that you are My people—and blessed will you be in  that day!  This is the word of the Lord.”

I received  this word in 2001–sometime between January and July.  The Lord was saying that  the saying “I am woman, hear me roar” would be one of the earmarks that would  become popular when this spirit really got going, succeeding in elevating a  woman to great political power.  The Spirit of God said that a woman would  ascend to the highest office in the land, and said that she would attain that  position either by election or attrition.  My thinking in this is that there  could possibly be a woman running on the ticket as the Vice-Presidential  candidate, only to become President at a later time.  It is said that this  woman; once she gets into office, will be the last President.  Interestingly  enough, I heard that song being sung as an advertisement for a network on TV  called “The Oxygen Network” recently–I was surprised to hear it.”

Your Brother,
Steven Crowder


15 comments on “A Woman will be President: “I am Woman” a prophecy from 2001 coming to pass in 2021

  1. Tim Shey says:

    This is a powerful message by Steven Crowder.

    I used to fellowship with some Christians back in Iowa back in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They read me a prophecy or a prediction written by a Christian back in around 1910 and he predicted the rise of the “strong” or Satanic woman in our society: the rise of women’s rights, abortion, lesbianism, feminism, etc. The guy was right on target. But it is only a continuation of the sin or curse that began after the Fall in the Garden of Eden.

    Hillary Clinton and Jezebel


    Here is a very interesting vision that William Branham had in 1933:

    This is from seven visions that William Branham had in 1933:

    Vision Five: The fifth scene that appeared involved the womanhood of the world. In this scene there appeared the fast moral decay of women. Starting back when she received her so-called liberty to enter into worldly affairs by means of the vote, she soon began to wear clothes that were too revealing. She bobbed her hair and adopted the clothing of men. Finally, the vision showed her all but stripped naked and she merely covered herself with a tiny apron about the size and shape of a fig leaf. With her womanhood so little valued, a terrible decay of all flesh came upon the earth and with it perversion even as set forth by the Word of God.

    Vision Five Fulfillment: Since 1933, the role of women in society has changed dramatically, fulfilling this vision in many different ways, including:

    Increased numbers of women in the work force, which has often left their kids growing up in daycare centers
    Increased indecency in women’s fashions
    Increased degradation of women’s bodies through body piercings, cuttings, and tattoos.
    Shrinking size of women bathing suits to the point they are often smaller than a fig leaf in the front and virtually nude in the back
    Destruction of the fruit of the womb through legalization of abortions in 1973
    Gender confusion culminating in the legalization of same sex marriages in 2015
    Exponential increase in witchcraft through movies and television programs
    Exponential increase in the pornography industry since the introduction of Playboy magazine in 1953 (which now seems relatively tame)


    A Dream about Hillary Clinton

    • Scarlett says:

      Dear Brother Tim, I’m sure there have been many accurate prophecies that have gone forth about the rise of feminism and the Jezebel spirit arising in the land. To be sure I have read some of them myself. There have been just as many or more about the general decline in morals accompanied by all manner of decadence, depravity, violence, pornography, homosexuality among both women and men. These things have escalated just as the prophets of God have declared, and have come to pass in the land. Thomas Gibson is a Canadian prophet to the Christian Church and brethren at large in the world who has warned the people of God of these things and to take care to not partake of the things of the world, and to repent of anything that would draw them astray from following the Lord of all.
      With all the chaos and confusion swirling around us today, we need a clear word of Truth to separate the precious from the vile, and the Lord has set apart His true Prophets for this solemn task. Unfortunately just as the Word declares, there have also been many false prophets arise who are not serving the Lord but Satan, drawing aside some into evil paths and deceiving them.
      I know you are a man who has loved and served the Lord all these many years at much sacrifice to yourself just to be in obedience to His Holy Name.
      That said my dear brother I feel led out of love and concern to warn you about William Branham. Even though it appears many of his prophecies have come to pass, he seems to have channeled much of his visions/words from an occult source. One of which he called “Michael the Christ”.
      As we study the doctrines of William Branham, we find that they do not line up with the word of God: The “Serpent Seed Doctrine” which clearly is heretical, where he claimed Eve had sexual intercourse with Satan, and is the cause of the fall of man, as well as just about everything else that’s sinful in mankind. http://www.letusreason.org/current126.htm
      Branham was clearly a rabid misogynist:
      http://www.patheos.com/blogs/phoenixandolivebranch/2010/09/mythbusting-the-message-misogyny/ You don’t have to read or study very much into Branhams doctrines and his own words to realize just how skewed and hateful he was toward women in general.
      Last but not least, if William Branham had truly been a student of the Word of God, and a faithful disciple of Christ, he never would have been so deceived into believing his own false doctrines and visions;
      All that said, Tim, I beg of you to study these things for yourself and I’m sure you will see as well that this man was a false prophet, and unfortunately caused many to stumble and fall simply because they were following false signs and wonders which may have seemed real to them, and appealed to the flesh..
      I would not have said anything, but this is my blog which I must be accountable for. I would not even have posted the sayings of Branham except for that. And would not have gone to your blog with this. The Lord doesn’t want His children to fight or argue over points of doctrine as they do, but in cases like the deceiver William Branham, it is called for as he has deceived many even to this day. I probably could have made a better response but it is late and I’m very tired having cooked for a function tonight, but you’ll see why I’ve posted what I have as you study these links and others on the Internet.
      God bless and keep you as you follow on to serve the Lord,

      • Tim Shey says:

        I have heard of William Branham and that he was off-base on a lot of things. I just thought his vision of 1933 was interesting. In my hitchhiking travels, I visited a William Branham church in New Mexico and it was very cultish. Don’t worry: I don’t follow Branham—I have just read bits and pieces of his life.

        God bless you and your ministry.

      • Scarlett says:

        Thanks Tim…..I wish the same for you. I know Branham “Oneness” Churches are very legalistic and do follow his doctrines even today. Women wear buns, never cut their hair,. (some even forbid trimming dead ends or cutting bangs), long dresses, no makeup, jewelry, etc. We used to call that the “Clothsline doctrine”. No liberty there. I can’t imagine our Lord being very pleased with that.
        Anyways…New Mexico has it all, as beautiful and interesting as the state is. I remember a “Penitente” church back in the mountains long ago. That’s where they flagellate and crucify one another at certain times of the year.
        I went to Kingston today…a more beautiful mountain town I don’t believe I’ve ever seen. Maybe you’ll get down this way sometime. It would be good for the “neighborhood” to have a real Christian visiting.
        Lord Bless you as you go,

  2. Maria, a gentle iconoclast says:

    My sister Scarlett, have you seen this prophecy at Tim Shey’s blog? Which of these prophecies is completely true – Crowder’s or West’s? for that is the test of prophecy.


    Complete safety, and truth without any mixture of error, are found only in God’s Word:

    Hebrews 1
    Hebrews 1New King James Version (NKJV)

    1 God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, 2 has in these last days spoken to us by His Son,

    • Scarlett says:

      Maria, I’ve scanned and read the prophecy posted by Veronica West, and will read again more carefully when I have the time, hopefully this evening. To judge a prophecy properly, it must indeed line up with the scripture of God’s Word. By studying eschatology carefully based on the actual scriptures, and comparing it with events of our time, past or present, one can, with the help of the Holy Spirit be able to discern truth from error. That makes it pretty simple.

      This may come as a big shock to many Christians, but Christ, the Son of God, still speaks to His people. Through His prophets, and through the simple spiritual gift of prophesy as the scripture says. To deny this is an insult to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, (who gives this precious gift as the Spirit wills), as well as denying and taking away from the very Word of God itself.

      That said, I see many Christians cowardly cowering for fear they will be ridiculed for even speaking out about such spiritual gifts. This is not pleasing to the Lord, since if God be God, He is indeed a supernatural Being, a Spirit, and His people are intended to be set apart and different from the men of the world who are not endowed with these luminous and wonderful gifts. In the early primitive church, men and women prophesied and operated in the spiritual gifts freely as a matter of course, after Acts 2, when the Holy Spirit came and baptized them, just as Jesus promised. Some believe this all ended with the Apostles. I ask, does it even make sense, that the Lord would take away these gifts, along with the power that goes along with them, when we still have our adversary, the devil, armed to the teeth with deadly weapons, bent on destroying the Lord’s children, just as he was back then? No, it doesn’t make sense. We need this endowment of power just as much as they did back then, perhaps even more in this coming gross darkness. There is very little power to overcome anything the enemy attacks us with if we insist on remaining locked into an intellectual form of religion and denying the POWER we are supposed to be endued with from on High. If we don’t have this blessing, it’s a gift, as Jesus said and we should be about asking for it and getting it.

      I do have an opinion, yes, of course, but have left the readers to discern this prophecy for themselves. It does simply amaze me however that the Body of Christ in general is so lacking in the ability to be able to discern simple prophecy. And Satan knows this and is ever bent on tossing out false prophecies telling people “how good it’s gonna be”, just as did the false prophets of old did.

      • Maria, a gentle iconoclast says:

        Scarlett, prophecy was given for local assemblies so that they would be edified, I know this is true. But when someone speaks saying it is the Lord who gave His Word, but is not judged by others present, speaking in the Name of God, saying this is the trye voice of God, this has to be wrong.

        Right, gifts did not end, this is true, but they are to be used carefully and prayerfully in the local assembly for building up His body of believers. There is no way to vett these people saying they’re speaking for Him except to just wait and see… and in the meantime the true prophecy of opening God’s Word to us by the power of His Spirit is set aside for the one who says, “Thus says the Lord.” Of course the Lord still speaks and His Word is alive, eternal and infinite and sufficient.

        If someone stood in a local assembly and in good order spoke his or her understanding – such as Agabus who foretold a famine – this is good and necessary. Today’s version happens I’m sure but it is never broadcast in this way. Things are happening that we don’t know of, I believe, because they aren’t showcased in order to draw away disciples after them.

        Would you come and share your thoughts at my blog in a post? I would not seek to correct you but let you convince others from the Scriptures about prophecy. and I would share my view of sticking to speaking to edification for the local assembly with accountability from God’s Word, as Jesus did on the road to Emmaus. Perhaps I can draft something you could truly like/approve?

        Love you, Scarlett!

      • Scarlett says:

        Maria, I lost my entire response to you; this is unfortunate because it was a bit lengthy. Instead, I hope this very good explanation posted below, will help clear up the confusion there seems to be in making the vast distinction between the ministry of the God-called Prophet as opposed to the simple gift of prophesying within the local assembly.
        A God ordained prophet is not bound to a local assembly as he is in the position of perhaps traveling, and ministering to the Body of Christ at large which was often scattered by great distances, even as we are today, and perhaps separated by borders and countries. This is one reason I have no problem in accepting an accurate word of a true Prophet of God coming via the venue of the Internet.
        As far as “vetting” them or using the wait and see approach, Christians should be able to discern whether a prophecy is from the Lord or not, without having to wait and see, since a true prophetic word will always line up with scripture, and will indeed come to pass in due time. (Not all scriptural prophecy has been fulfilled yet, the destruction of Damascus, for example, but it will at the appointed time). That said, if a Christian is unable to understand or properly discern whether the prophecy is accurate or not, he or she should simply leave it alone. In all due respect sister, it was not my intention to enter into a debate over the subject, let alone debate the subject on someones blog. However, as I said, I believe the link below will help clear up this distinction and it is entirely scriptural.
        Yours in Christ,


        One of the reasons there is confusion in the church today about the prophet gift is the failure to distinguish between the “gift of the prophet” and “gift of prophesying”. One is a “gift of the prophet” from Christ to the church and the other is a “gift of prophesying” given by the Holy Spirit to individuals within the church. Even though to the casual reader this may appear to be just a play on words”>


        One of the reasons there is confusion in the church today about the prophet gift is the failure to distinguish between the “gift of the prophet” and “gift of prophesying”. One is a “gift of the prophet” from Christ to the church and the other is a “gift of prophesying” given by the Holy Spirit to individuals within the church. Even though to the casual reader this may appear to be just a play on words, this fact is important in understanding the difference in the “gift of the prophet” and the “gift of prophesying”.

        According to Ephesians 4:11-16 “He(Christ: See v7))gave some… i.e., prophets(Note the significance of the plural use of prophets emphasizing the importance of functioning in plurality for mutual accountability and judging of the prophesies given to the church)…for the 1)perfecting of the saints, 2)for the work of the ministry, 3)for the edifying of the body of Christ…”. In the Greek, this passage clearly states that these equipping leaders were themselves a gift of Christ to His church and it was not just the gift of prophecy that was given. I Corinthians 12:28 adds, “And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers…”

        Only the prophet, as an equipping servant-leader, is qualified according to Scripture to function in what the KJV calls the “office” of a prophet. However, it is important to qualify this word “office”, for the connotation today is that “office” implies position or rank. In reality, the KJV’s use of the word “office” does not accurately translate that Greek word in any of the three times it occurs.

        All three uses of the word “office” in the KJV, which include Romans 11:13, Romans 12:4 and I Timothy 3:1 , should not be translated as “office”. In Romans 11:13 Paul said, “I am the apostle of the Gentiles, I magnify mine “office” (Gr.diakonia=service, ministry). Romans 12:4 states, “For as we have many members in the one body, and all members have not the same “office” (Gr.proxis=work, action, use).” I Timothy 3:1 it says, “This is a true saying, If a man desire, the “office”(Gr.episkope=oversite) of a bishop, he desireth a good work.”

        In truth, the “office” is not a position nor a rank but rather a descriptive function. The different Greek names given to represent the various leaders in the church(i.e. apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, deacons, etc.), simply describe who these leaders were and what their function was in the church.

        The servant leaders who are described in Ephesians 4:11 were themselves gifts to the church. Their primary purpose was to serve and lead by example. Their primary function was 1)”For the perfecting of the saints,” 2)”for the work of ministry,” 3)”for the edifying of the body of Christ:”

        Those who serve in the function or “office” of a prophet, that is as a “gift” from Christ to the church, operate in this gift as their primary ministry and are known and recognized through discernment by the church as a result of the confirmation of the Holy Spirit. Because the prophets are a “gift” to the church, the prophets function in a continuing prophetic ministry and they consistently walk in that gift because that is who they are in the Body of Christ.

        Now, concerning the issue of the “gift of prophesying”. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit available to any believer in the Body of Christ. According to I Corinthians 12:7 “The manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. I Corinthians 12:8, 10 adds “For to one is given by the Spirit…i.e. prophecy…” In I Corinthians 12:11 it states, “But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.” I Corinthians 12:18 says, “But now hath God set the members every one of them in the body, as it hath pleased him.” In I Corinthians 12:29 it says, “Are all apostles?(Gr. ‘No’)Are all prophets?”(Gr. ‘No’)Are all teachers?” (Gr. ‘No’)

        Thus we see that the “gift of prophesying” is available from the Holy Spirit to all believer in the Body of Christ. The “gift of prophesying” can be ministered by the Spirit through any believer in the Body of Christ at any time the Spirit chooses. The persons who minister in the “gift of prophesying” do so by the unction of the Holy Spirit. Persons who are moved by the Spirit to prophesy may be led to prophecy “only one time” or “many times” depending upon how the Holy Spirit leads. The “gift of prophesying” is exercised by any believer within the Body according to the order given in

        I Corinthians 14:22-33. Another Scriptural safeguard is given according to

        I Corinthians 14:32, “The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.”

        © Copyright 1999 New Testament Church

  3. nessa3 says:

    I think its a bunch of BS…God never says “do not Pray” there is always mercy and redemption…and the church is always to pray to Gods mercy…

    • Scarlett says:

      Ordinarily I would tend to agree with you, but there are several places in scripture where the Lord indeed says “Do not pray”.
      “Therefore pray not you for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me: for I will not hear you.” 7:16
      And elsewhere:
      Jeremiah 11:14 Therefore pray not you for this people, neither lift up a cry or …

      Jeremiah 14:11,12 Then said the LORD to me, Pray not for this people for their good…

      Jeremiah 15:1 Then said the LORD to me, Though Moses and Samuel stood before me, …

      Jeremiah 18:20 Shall evil be recompensed for good? for they have dig a pit for my …

      Exodus 32:10 Now therefore let me alone, that my wrath may wax hot against them, …

      Ezekiel 14:14-20 Though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they should …

      1 John 5:16 If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not to death, he shall …
      And…Isaiah 1:15 And when you spread forth your hands, I will hide my eyes from you: …

      Micah 3:4 Then shall they cry to the LORD, but he will not hear them: he will …

  4. mhjones2001 says:

    Do are you saying this is a prophecy from God? Is it God-breathed the same as Scripture?

    • Scarlett says:

      I’ve just laid this out for people to look at and for discernment. Prophecy is not on the same par as scripture, obviously, but it is scriptural.
      Let’s wait and see if this prophecy is fulfilled, which it will be if Hillary is elected.
      Nevertheless, the rest of the prophecy, which went forth in 2001, 15 years ago, has lined up already, what with the advent and rise of women in places of power, and not always in a good way, as in the entertainment media, etc.

      • mhjones2001 says:

        But I think you are missing my point. If the “prophet” is being moved by the spirit of God, then what is the difference between his words and the words in Scripture? They are both god breathed/inspired. Are there different levels of inspiration?

        Are you saying if the “prophecy” comes to pass then the words are God breathed/inspired?

        In Him,

      • Scarlett says:

        Dear Melvin, Thank you for “rounding out” your comment. Yes, I see what you are saying. And yes, whether it’s a passage of scripture, or a prophecy uttered forth under the unction and anointing of the Holy Spirit by a Prophet of the Lord, it is indeed God-breathed, as you put it, since it has issued from God, and thus, is inspired.

        Are you saying if the “prophecy” comes to pass then the words are God breathed/inspired?”
        Yes, of course.
        Let me add this caveat…even if indeed this prophecy comes to pass, it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Hillary Clinton, since it never says that.
        My point in even posting this was to point out the very truth of the way this “spirit of the strong woman” has escalated in the past several decades”, which is now at this point in time reaching an epitome.
        Lord bless you as you endeavor to understand the deeper things of the Spirit.

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