There is a spectrum between space and time where the human mind, spirit and soul become one, which causes the person to enter into that sphere better known as R.E.M sleep. It is during this time of deep sleep that a person is most vulnerable to the dark forces around them, it is also during this time, especially for the believer, that God also works with his people which allows him to communicate directly to his perfect will, guidance and sometimes warnings of things to come. We see this clearly with Joseph, when he was told (in a dream) to flee with his wife and child (Jesus). Yet it is during this particular time where, for both believer as well as sinner, that things can take a strange turn toward a more dark demonic turn, where Satan can, at times, have access to a persons mind during this particular dream…

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  1. mhjones2001 says:

    Ma’am, I don’t always agree with your articles, but generally I have no great difficulty in holding my comments. However, I find I must say something on this article’s premise.

    If you say that God communicates with us during REM, then you are strongly implying the BIble is not God’s ultimate and final authority.

    Likely you will say that we should judge all the things we get in dreams to Scripture. But if it says it in Scripture, why do we need dreams.

    I believe I understand where you are with this. But please take care. Using dreams as an indicator of God’s will is a path to straight up error down the road.

    Finally, according to Romans 12, God’s will is perfect. There is no permissive will.

    In Hiim,

    • Scarlett says:

      Thank you for you’re comment, and must say that I do not disagree with much of anything of what you’re saying. Indeed this is a complicated subject, and as such is quite open for debate and perhaps disagreement. As the author Christopher mentioned…we do not totally understand dreams. We do know the Lord can and does send many prophetic dreams for various reasons, and yes, to give guidance, enlightenment as well as warnings. The author mentioned also that the enemy can and does send filthy dreams that clearly are not from God. Our recourse as he also mentioned is in agreement with you that our protection is keeping our armor on and in prayer and the Word as well as obedience.

      All that said, Melvin, posting this was mainly to provoke intelligent inquiry for brethren or anyone…(not all my readers are Christians) to think about and those who are Christians to pray about and hopefully ask the Lord Jesus to protect our dreams and rebuke the filthy dreamer who comes to us with evil intentions as we sleep. Not all of these mean that we are in sin, but are merely attacks from Satan to disrupt and upset us. We all dream, and need to examine our dreams. I think most of us know whether a dream is from the Lord or not.

      Bottom-line here, and my own personal belief that corresponds I believe with yours is that indeed, scripture is sufficient to guide our lives in all things. I do not believe have contradicted that.

      Lord bless you always…in all your paths toward godly living

  2. Tony says:

    Every believer should pray and ask the Lord to bless his/her dreams before going to sleep.

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