Voice of the Martyrs Scandal: What Really Happened and Why it Matters

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

w1wt65w4425pxiix9j4ypfr6r19mzzw7mdfqi4zok2z3ptj12y“One of the revelations after Rolland Lamb aka Tom White’s death, is the spiritual blindness and oppression that exists in Bartlesville.

The majority of employees, volunteers, regular donors and visitors come from Wesleyan, Mennonite, Quaker and similar backgrounds.

Mr. White was a “sanctified” member of the First Wesleyan Church in Bartlesville, OK. Like most executives and leaders at VOM, who also attend the same church, they are convinced that they have obtained “Wesleyan perfectionism.”

Growing up in Bartlesville, and attending that same church for many years, my family members were labeled with Wesleyan perfectionism, sometimes called entire sanctification, which was a view held by John Wesley that taught that Christians could to some degree attain perfection in this life. Wesley described it as, “…that habitual disposition of the soul which, in the sacred writings, is termed holiness; and which directly implies being cleansed from sin, ‘from all filthiness both of…

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2 comments on “Voice of the Martyrs Scandal: What Really Happened and Why it Matters

  1. Interesting perspective and point of view. How a child molester could hold such an opinion of himself is beyond me, although people believing lies in order to justify ones sin is common in man. A bigger point that deserves exploration is something I read in one of Richard Wurmbrand’s book. He claimed that men could attain a level where they became untouchable by the devil: basically a level of spiritual maturity where they could no longer be deceived by any of the Evil One’s schemes. My current understanding is that this is a basic deception in and of itself. We all need Jesus because we are all vulnerable. The older we become and the more authority we have over other men, the more vulnerable we become to pride based on knowledge that puffs up, or in the power that comes with position. I think Richard believed this about himself and therefore he could not be fooled by a sexual predator who saw any opportunity to use someone else’s charity to fund his lusts overseas. What a blunder of enormous proportions!

    • Scarlett says:

      This doesn’t surprise me…
      what you’ve described is a spiritual tenet adhered to by the Wesleyan group there in Bartlesville, OK, head of the US VOM…many members of which apparently work in lofty positions at VOM.
      Thank you for your input. Very valuable to the overall understanding of the craziness that goes on in this mega corporation.

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