Sorcery and Drugs in Opening the Last Days Spirit Portal

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

There are 10 parts to this fascinating series about the history of drugs, and the connection between drugs and sorcery down through the ages, especially as relating to scripture. I thought this was based on excellent research and scholarship. The portion of this series concerning scripture yet to be fulfilled is especially interesting since it will affect many of us still alive during this time frame.

Part 7 is actually bone chilling since the speaker’s research and understanding on the scriptures of the book of Revelation pertaining to the end times destruction coming upon planet earth seems to indicate a mass world-wide sacrificial blood-letting genocide. The scriptures do seem to point to a possible chaotic war against mankind triggered by drug related sorceries, and human sacrifice without remorse or conscience.

Most Christians are aware of the scriptures in Revelation 8, that tell of God bringing deadly plagues of judgment against…

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