Honor false “holy skull” of Pope Lucius

Who dreams up the adornments and containers of these bones and body parts? Is there an R & D Department in the Catholic church that’s in charge of relic decoration? And who pays for the expense of the jewels, gold, and “art work? And why? Just asking. It seems like a reasonable question? At least to me.

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In December 2014 Danish scientists exposed religious fraud.  The skull inside the golden head of saint Pope Lucius is not the skull of the Pope.

The skull inside the The skull inside the “holy head” of Pope Lucius is not of the Pope.

Director Per Kristian Madsen of the Danish National Museum has discovered a case of religious fraud.  The skull inside the golden head presented as Pope Lucius the first, is not of the Pope.

The dating was carried out by Jan Heinemeier at the Department of Physics,University of Aarhus. The results showed that the skull came from the period AD 340-431, and therefore proved that it did not belong to St. Lucius (died AD254).

According to the National Museum director Per Kristian Madsen, one way of solving at least part of the puzzle, is by opening the sarcophagus under the high altar of St. Cecilie Church.

Both he and Jette Arneborg have…

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2 comments on “Honor false “holy skull” of Pope Lucius

  1. ror1774 says:

    The Catholic Church used to sell indulgences to buy yourself or relatives out of purgatory. At the same time that had the bones of 18 of the 12 Apostles and more which people paid to see. This is part of what Martin Luther campaigned against. So no surprise to me this skull is a fake.

  2. Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast says:

    Scarlett, this is just part of the problem but I believe it is a love of death. Thank you for reblogging this so we could read!

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