Images of Christ Are a Form of Idolatry

A Ruby In The Rough

Brian Cosby:

noimageavailableBy creating an image of Jesus…a person is inserting his or her own ideas of what Jesus looked like. Because we do not know what he looked like, this image would not be a true image or representation of Christ…

If these images, then, do not truly represent Christ, then they are put in the place of the true Christ. Evoking any sense of worship of that which is not Christ, but rather inserted in the place of Christ, is–by definition–idolatry.

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2 comments on “Images of Christ Are a Form of Idolatry

  1. fleebabylon says:


    Your posted reminds me of once when I, a suburban white boy, was walking through an inner city mission in Detroit after finishing preaching at their Wednesday night ‘chapel service’. I was approached by a racially diverse group of young men demanding to know what color Jesus was – black or white – to settle their argument. I explained he likely looked as a modern day jew or fair skinned arab but that if they wanted to picture him, to picture him as a shining bright light of holiness to the point that John fell down like dead at his feet as we read in revelation 1:16-17.

    Be well in Christ dear sister. -Jim

    • Scarlett says:

      I always love to hear from you Jim….That was a very wise response to these young men. It continues to amaze me that people argue about such things, and then go about hanging an image of their imagined likeness in their homes or churches.

      I want to be more well as per your suggestion. I just got released from a local hospital after a weeks stay and bout with pneumonia and pleurisy. It was a very painful ordeal but I knew the Lord was with me. I had many miracles during this time. The Lord Jesus is so gracious.

      Much love in the Lord,

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