The Ministry Wagon

This is what the organized denominational church has become.

My Dreams and Visions

I had another dream about sheep, 01/15/2013. In this dream I saw what looked like a stagecoach only it was huge and unlike any I’ve ever seen before. On the side of the stagecoach I saw in very big letters the word “ministry” written. I then saw a driver sitting on top of the stagecoach holding the reins and a very large whip which he was cracking . Here comes the strange part. Every time I’ve ever seen a stage-coach it’s either being pulled by mules or horses. The animals that were used to pull and keep this stagecoach called ministry going were sheep. As I saw the driver cracking the whip over the sheep’s head to keep them moving, I noticed armed mounted horsemen who also had whips on either side of the sheep to keep them in line. In one sense they were protecting the sheep from wolves…

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One comment on “The Ministry Wagon

  1. Scarlett says:

    Both of these dreams bear witness to my spirit of being from the Holy Spirit of the Lord.

    I am reblogging “The Ministry Wagon”. It sounds just like so many money driven churches, and very much like the one the Lord Jesus brought be out of, wounded, battered and bruised but He has been faithful to dress my wounds and pour in the oil and the wine. as Our Good Shepherd. He never fails them who love and serve Him.
    Tony, I am one who is not afraid to post a vision or dream, as opposed to those who are scared out of their wits by anything touching the supernatural. If God be God, and He is, then He is indeed the God of the supernatural spirit realm. It would behoove us all to walk there with Him as a foretaste of the glory to come, and for our own spiritual growth and maturity.

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