Rotten Fruit of “Token the Ghost”



~Christendoms Wild Wild West~

There are a lot of things I could say about this blasphemous display mocking the holiness of the Lord Jesus Christ, His Gospel and the precious Holy Spirit…………………. none of it would be good! These three “disciples” of John Crowder remind me of the “Three Stooges”. I could easily imagine one of them saying, “Nyuk nyuk nyuk”.

Three Stooges

Please don’t send me mail telling me I’m “judging”. I already know that…and I don’t care! It may be dirty work and I don’t enjoy it but somebody needs to rebuke this stuff.

Truly born again spirit-baptised  Christians know this is a hideous travesty of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, but there are many who have bought into this lying, deceiving spirit promoted by John Crowder, the false teacher of the so-called “New Mystics”.

I would urge anyone following John Crowder and his false teachings to run like your hair is on fire. Whatever “anointing” you think was imparted to you, was not imparted by the true Holy Spirit of Yahweh, the Most High God, the Creator of all.

Please read from the following link, explaining this deception more fully:

2 comments on “Rotten Fruit of “Token the Ghost”

  1. Hi, I can’t see the video… I am doing research about this ‘thing’ they dare to say is from God, which looks like collective insanity!

    • Scarlett says:

      Thanks for alerting me. Many times after I have posted a video it might be removed and I won’t know about it until someone tells me I will see what I can do.
      John Crowder is full of demons. He is deceived and he is deceiving others. They all need to repent and follow the Lord Jesus, not marijuana, drugs and the devil.
      I have posted another video to replace the other one which was deleted from YouTube. New video…same old John Crowder lies.
      Jesus bless you…

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