Reiki: the Mask that Covers it’s Demonic Purposes

This is not the first warning I have published about the occult dangers of the Reiki religion and practice, but since there have been so many daily views, I feel it’s necessary to post yet more information along with some personal testimonies warning all, including Christians not to become involved with it in any way. I am very serious in warning all of you who are practicing Reiki or receiving Reiki to run from it like your hair was on fire. If you think I don’t know what I’m talking about you would be wrong, I have had all too much experience with demonic oppression and I can assure you that if you could peel away the layers and look into the supernatural realm you would be able to see and feel the hideous, sinister evil presence, rage and hatred the demonic entities have for you and all mankind.

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We reveal the spiritual problems and sins, so you can come to repentance, in the name of Jesus!
Because His Word is; “for God did not send the Son in order to judge the world, but that the world might find salvation, and be made safe and sound through Him” (John 3-17)
and if you repent remember; If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1John 1-9)

We love you reikians, this is not about you as a person, we want to warn you about reiki spiritually. We don not condemn you, but are revealing these spiritual problems and sins, so you can repent. We see the destruction of reiki at work and devastated reikians, knocking on our church doors for help. At the end of this page you will find testemonies of saved ex-reikians. That is why we are taking the trouble, the expenses and the time to make this site. We are Christians, because we dedicated our lives to Christ-Jesus. We call you reikians, as you have dedicated your life to reiki, as many reikimasters do. We know that Jesus loves you, just click on “Salvation” and repent for all the sins mentioned on this page afterwards, be blessed with Gods Grace!

1/Reiki is spiritual and it does work, but is not divine, not of Jesus, and not of God (John 14;7). There is a difference between angels and fallen angels (1john4;1-4); there is a difference serving God (Mat4;10), and serving reiki. Between giving honor to God and honoring reiki, after each healing.(Mat.22;37) God Almighty, the Creator, who is our Father and is the Lord Jesus Christ’s Father. He is, is so much more then which you call god; the universe, or cosmos or All there is, universal life force or any name you can think of. He is, God of all Gods, Our Creator (Gen1;1). So, repent!

2/Yes, it is sinful, sitting before a home-made altar (idolatry), with photo’s of dead reikimasters (spiritualism), various objects, candles, incense (honoring spirits), praying and paying for and accepting reiki, thus authorizing a reiki-ritual performance to open the spiritual doorways for reiki energy and their spirits and afterwards serving in gratitude reiki and his reiki spirits. (serving false gods, Ex 20;1-6) So, repent!

3/Did you know that the demon behind the initiating reiki symbol of your reikimaster is called “DIA KO MIO” and is held secret and holy by a reikimaster ? This reikimaster-spirit, which is summoned to open and connect you to reiki as a channel and itself, during the reiki initiations, is the “Phoenix who rises out of the ashes” .A demon who claims to be risen and is clearly not biblical and of Christian nature (1John 4;1-4). Praise God, that Jesus Christ came to set us free and succeeded ! (Mark16;19) So, repent!
If you are a Pastor /Church, go to “salvation-prayer” and you will find more tools concerning reiki for your church !!

4/When you use reiki daily, new spiritual doors open and if you give a reiki treatment to someone else, a spiritual doorway is opened in the life of this (unaware) person, through which the reiki spirits will have, or will make more access, to this persons life. So, repent!

5/Yes, reiki works, heals and reveals many things, but after some time, you get in big trouble. Many reikimasters turn like; mentally ill, divorced, financially broke, or severe sick, mostly after some 10- 15 years of mastery. (Rom1;18+21, Rom2;5-9). The reiki alliance has a help line for supporting these sick masters, but no way reiki helps (Mat.12;30+33). So, repent!

6/Yes, reiki is sinful, it is using reiki spirits, fallen angels, it is worshipping false gods, it is in contradiction with Gods Word, its healing people on the short term, but leading them to destruction on the long term, its rebellious to God (Tit1;16) and reiki changes constantly, mixing itself with more occult practices. like witchcraft, various gurus, magic and satanism (Mat12;25,26,27). So, repent!

Are you still sure that you want to be a part of this spiritually ???

So, repent!

Jesus can set you free, He has a answer for all our needs. He loves you dear friend and gave His life for you, that you may know His true unconditional unyielding love. He longs to spend time with you; He accepts you as you are right now.

Jesus Christ already paid the price, there are no rituals, it is just one simple step to receive Him and change your life. Jesus Christ is waiting for your decision right now… you can not tell Him anymore you didn’t know! (Rom2,2)

You can get out right now and get saved… Jesus loves you and wants to help you.




read here several;

from saved people through this web site, by the Glory of Jesus; “let the redeemed of the Lord say so,
whom he had redeemed from the hand of the enemy” Ps.107:2

We recieved this letter; ¨God Bless you, I am a re-born Christian, serving the Lord Jesus in the ministry of deliverance and can confirm many of the expieriances shared on this website as true. I have encountered these problems, caused by demons and their spirtitual impact on saved ex-reikians, whilst praying for them on many occasions. The dramatic change in the lives of ex-reikians, I¨ve seen, after Jesus Christ had set them free, was really wunderful. Thank you for publishing this impressive well of information and to proclaim the Truth about reiki. Jesus is Lord and may He save many reikians out of their distresses and bondages, caused by the deceptive healing art of reiki, in Jesus Name we pray with you¨.

Many people around the world are blessed by Jesus Christ and write to us after praying the salvation prayer, here are 7 examples out of many ; Because by the Grace of God we are saved, you can be a great sinner. But Gods Grace is always Greater, through the provisions made on the Cross, by Jesus Christ. He is the only way to come Home to the Father, by the free gift of Mercy to everyone who confesses Jesus with their mouth, repents and turns from sin, will be saved!

1-From Holland; Hi, I have been through a very rough period and this all started in Oct 2006, two days after I did a reiki-1 seminar weekend. It has started to reduce now because in December I got saved. Although I have been a fanatical anti Christian, I came to believe and have faith. I wanted to let you know so you can put this on your web site. Kind regards.
QUESTION Reikidangers: Praise God, I thank the Lord, but could you give some more details?
1-ANSWER; I took a reiki1 weekend with a well known reikimaster in Holland.
During the reiki seminar we noticed that I could give really a lot of reiki, wow!! Right after the reiki seminar a lot of strange things started to appear in my life. Within a few days I changed from a happy “girl” into a depressive zombie. I always was a bit on the edge, but the amount of anger and hate which was in me was indescribable. I started to look for information about what reiki really was and found your web site this couldn’t be true!!!!!! The next day I had an appointment with my reikimaster; “this is only a phase of purification” which is normal in the first 3 weeks after a reiki-seminar. No worries! And those Christians, well they are always so negative and short sighted. I went home, quite relieved, but it got even worse, all kind of “things” had an access in me, through the opened reiki channels, the reiki experts said; “just put it in the white light and everything will be okay”. But everything went worse, I saw cats coming out of the wall, I saw a man next to me, who nobody saw except me. Flashes of light that took all kinds of shapes, dead people and spirits who attacked me! At night I heard loud voices who teased me and evil faces starring at me. When I saw 2 demons in my house, I ran to a healer who helped me and charged 500us. She told me that this was a big honor and I was chosen to stop the demonic world, predestined to guide 1000’s of dead people to the light. From that moment on it got worse…………………………. The spirits tried to get me out of my body, to control my thinking; if I fell asleep I woke up because something was in me… on and on and on. But, 2.5 months after reiki, I remembered a book about the work of Jesus Christ, although being anti-Christian, opened it and all the pages turned black!!! WHY CAN’T I SEE THIS? That night before going to sleep, I’ve prayed for the first time to Jesus as Lord and asked for protection and… ALL THE ATTACKS STOPPED!!!!!
Afterwards the attacks came back, and I cried out “GOD HELP ME”…
and I vomited in my car. Now I am in a deliverance program in my Church and dare to be home alone again, wow!!! I know now that the Bible is no little finger who commands us what to do or not, the Bible exits because we have a caring Father who wants us to keep as far away as possible from the devil. The spirit-world is real, but no one- not even the reikimasters have a clue- of what really is going on. ONLY Jesus Christ can help us! If you are, like me, highly sensitive and start a reiki1 weekend, you’re blessed, because you will know that you are dealing with the devil; if not you will reap years and years fruits of darkness. If you really knew from whom the reiki power comes and its plans with you, you would, like me start praying to Jesus Christ to receive the only TRUE LIGHT. I am going through a deliverance program in my Church right now, I want to be baptized, and my loved ones are looking with big eyes to all the changes…. God is so great; otherwise this would have ended differently. Kind regards.

2-from the U.S.A in english; Dear Christians, I got initiated into Reiki (1) in 1994. When the Reiki Master was initiating me into Reiki 1 I felt a strangeness immediately at the time. I taught no more of it and and continued to practice Reiki on myself and some others. In March 1995 I got initiated into Reiki (2) by a different Reiki Master and I heard alot of Anti-christian sayings and Anti-Christ words come from the Reiki Master and I immediately became afraid. About 3-4 weeks later as I was in bed with my eyes closed faces kept appearing for a second before my closed eyes of people. I at the time presumed that these were spirits coming to look at me whilst I was resting or maybe its so long ago Iwas actually doing Reiki when this happened. It did not frighten me but I went back to my original Reiki Master and asked him Reiki is Christian is’nt it. “He said no its not” but the previous Reiki Master was a Bagwan Ramesh devotee. I got my original Reiki Master to initiate me to Reiki 2 again so I would not be conected to the Bagwan Ramesh aspect of Reiki. I had being going out with an Italian girl who I had done Reiki on and I finished with her nothing to do with Reiki but she later got initialed to Reiki 1 so she told me when she rang me from Italy. I met her in 1996 and she was very depressed but she was depressed before she done Reiki 1. I
continued to do Reiki and got iniated to the Reiki Master symbols and other symbols Egyptian and other ones. I felt this energy rising up my back spine and I continued to practice Reiki. Then whilst asleep I would jolt awake with flashes of light in my head.This happened alot and it was only a bit unsettling. Then I met another Reiki Master from USA and she attuned me to another Master Symbol to be used in initiating others. I initated My girl friend but now my wife to Reiki 1 and 2, soon afterwards she had a blazing row with her Father screaming at him over something simple,she told me she would not do Reiki anymore as it felt bad for her. I iniated two people I knew to Reiki 1 and 2, his wife a Buddist from Tailand to Reiki and they started to have rows and arguements as well. I continued to do Reiki and on one occassion after a really powerful self healing Reiki session I got into an arguement in work which i had to apoligise for. After I met a born again Christian who told me about Reikidangers…………………….. I stopped doing Reiki.
Although I always before I did Reiki almost from the begining I always asked Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to protect me from any evil and or negective energy/spirits but that may not have been enough. After my born again Christian friend prayed over me in Tongues I went hame from work and got rid of all my Reiki books and astrology books by tearing them up and throwing them in the rubbish bin. Since then I have heard stories about other Reiki practioneers being attacked phsically whilst doing Reiki on others obviously by Demons.

I have asked God to forgive me in the name of Jesus Christ (as you kindly put on your web page) and have become a Born again Christian. I have always believed very strongly in Jesus Christ but more so now as I realise the real dangers and the tricks that are played on people about Reiki and its origins. I feel reconnicled to God through Jesus Christ. My interest in occult matters really started off around the time i was 17 to 18 years whilst i began taking LSD. I have stopped all that along time ago and I taught Reiki was a way to heal yourself from the bad effects of LSD and also my Ego would have played a part telling people I was a Reiki Healer.
I ask you to pray for me and any people I may have damaged unintentionallly by doing Reiki and initiating them into Reiki…………………………………

3- in English from Australia
Dear Christian friends,
your web site is so valuable and is truly the work of God. When I was born again 2.5 years ago in a beautiful Pentecostal Church here in Australia.. I was a level2 reiki practioners. I gave this away then and there. However after a year reiki merged in to my life again in a very subtle way. I prayed and could not understand why I was led back again to web sites telling me that reiki was O. K.
Through more prayer and time and finally your web site; I am now free from reiki! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ…..the Way, the Truth and the life.

4-a Christain from Holland
God bless you dear writer; I have studied your web site and before I looked at your site I already knew about the dark side of reiki. I was searching for information about the occult side of reiki. Because my sister, who has serious skin-problems and more and more is receiving reiki-treatments from my aunt who is a driven reiki practioner. I find it is striking, because the things you describe are almost a 100% true in her situation ! Only she didn’t see the Light yet and probably doesn’t want to see it. This out of pride. More and more I have discussions with people about reiki and because of my personal involvement, I like to talk with people from my church, too. They seem to be more open for me and believe me on my word. But those who are not going to church, they are very skeptical and like to believe the universal energy-fairy tail. So my question is…….. A.H.-Holland

5- from Canada
God bless you, your web site saved me, I was a christian and was about to take a reiki seminar, but something led me to your web site and the links to what the Bible has to say about reiki…. I came back and closer to the Lord Jesus by repenting and praying. Thank you so much, God is doing a wonderful work through you. Jesus has blessed me so much and I’ve prayed for you,too. Please carry on with your important work. Could you help me in finding a good church, because it was a long time ago that I visited one. I am so happy…..

6-ex-reikian from the Caribean I wanted to thank you, because I am free and met Jesus. I just finished my last seminar and wanted to start working as a professional healer. I was surfing here and was thinking it over on the beach and I came home to find your website reikidangers on the net. I followed all the steps to reikireality, got saved by Jesus and downloaded the deliverance book. For 3 days I prayed this through and I AM SO HAPPY-JESUS LIVES. It feels great to be so happy and everything you write is so true, Jesus is the only Way, the Truth. What….

7 in English; ex-reikimaster from Spain
I bless you in Jesus name and am grateful that finally someone writes the truth about reiki, I wish I had know this many years ago and didn’t had to suffer that much. I was a reikimaster active in almost all of Europe for years. I have experienced many negative things of what reikidangers is putting in writing, I never suspected that reiki had anything to do with it. Then I surrendered to Jesus, was forgiven, got fully baptized and reiki stoppted forever. My pastor and church were very kind and prayed a lot for me. I needed several deliverance sessions to be freed completely from the reiki-spirits and the bondages, which I became through my other occult practices and sins. But now all demonic bondages, rituals and doorways are gone, in Jesus name, and my sins are forgiven. God is Good and Merciful, thank you Jesus. Thank you again for your efforts to preach the Good News of the Gospel and the way to the Truth and Love of God. Thank you for showing the deceived reikians and naive Christians the truth and dangers about using reiki and I do confirm that Jesus Christ is alive!! I would like to ask you to..

8-ENGLISH FROM THE U.S.A.- I just want to thank you for your website. I had been considering learning Reiki but very careful about not wanting to offend God & if it was even of God. I was very leery of the attunement process to begin with and your site just confirmed all this. Many Christian websites and books make it seem very appealing and that this is how Jesus healed. Your website makes perfect sense and in my heart I know that you are right, Reiki is not of God.Thank you, J...

9-From an english Pastor in Spain; “I am not sure who wrote, conceived and actually created the wonderful Christian resource for those who have been involved in Reiki, but it is a superb and uncomplicated, and I trust you will convey my congratulations and thanks. God bless”





“but when anything is exposed and reproved by the Light, it’s made visible and clear; and were is everything visible and clear there is Light. Therefore He says: Awake o sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall shine upon you and give you Light. Look carefully then how you walk! Live purposely and worthily and accurately, not as the unwise and witless, but as wise ” (Eph.5,13-15)

This Church website, made by active Christians and saved ex-reikians/ex-reikimasters worldwide, to evangelize and warn about the dangers of reiki. Sharing the unified vision on reiki of all denominated Churches and deliverance-ministries around the world.


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