It’s Time for the Church to go Out of Business

You’ve heard church folk say, “You can’t put God in a box”

That’s very true, so it makes me wonder why they keep trying to put him in a box? Their box shaped church?

Don’t they know that God doesn’t dwell in a house made with hands?

“However, the Most High does not dwell in houses made by human hands; as the prophet says:

            WHAT KIND OF HOUSE WILL YOU BUILD FOR ME?’ says the Lord,

Acts 7: 48-49



7 comments on “It’s Time for the Church to go Out of Business

  1. a gentle iconoclast says:

    Scarlett, I liked your words but disliked his. His are a mixture of truth and error. And for me a Christian loses credibility when he can’t recognize and obey the second commandment out of love for the Lord, but points out faults in others. So sad!

    • Scarlett says:

      Dear Sister Maria, This is a difficult comment to reply to and try to explain why I posted the video. First of all, I have to listen to the intent of what the man had to say in it’s entirety, and try to discern what he was attempting to get across to those who are still in bondage to Nicolaitism, (the false church system). If you listen carefully, you surely can discern where he is speaking out of love for these, and everyone else as well, out of love for the Lord and Savior who died for them and yearns for them to be set free. I discern here a man who has come to a knowledge of the truth regarding the false church system. This in itself indicates he has heard from, and been taught by the Holy Spirit regarding this matter.
      I know your deep feeling about icons, graven images and the Second Commandment, and I agree with you on the importance of this. The difficulty arises when these things are “in our face” everywhere, even on otherwise godly postings, videos, and in good Christians homes. It’s all around us. Even Christians sometimes take it for granted that it’s OK to have pictures of Jesus in their homes, meeting places, movies, everywhere. Somehow, it must have been the Holy Spirit, but after I was baptised with the Holy Spirit, I just never allowed or had a “Jesus” picture in my home…only a lovely picture of the Lord’s Prayer.
      In any case, sometimes it is a very tough call in making a choice whether to post a video or message like this, when it has a drawing, even a childish looking charicature of Jesus like this video did. In the end, I decided the message was important enough.and I seriously doubted that no one who watched it would feel inclined to bow down and worship it.
      One of the problems here Maria, is how people have been taught, and taken for granted because of the culture we live in. That includes not only the second commandment, but the way people have come to accept the false church system as valid. What folks need is to be taught the right way about these things, and need people like you to teach them. I’m wondering if there might have been a better way for the maker of this video, brother Jacobson to have gotten his point across to people without the little drawing that represented Jesus?
      If you can possibly get past that, and listen carefully to what is said in the video, you can surely see there is so much real love of Jesus toward others that is clearly demonstrated. However, brother Jacobson has a web address where he can be contacted, and I would suggest that you contact him and tell him how you feel about it.
      I’m sorry if you were offended. It’s not my intention to offend anyone, but unfortunately sometimes I do. God bless you…
      With much love,

      • a gentle iconoclast says:

        Dear Scarlett, I’m not offended by anything you have done. Like you I’m seeking the Lord about these important matters. I should have forgotten about the image and focused on the video’s content more. I mentioned it but didn’t explain. As I said, I liked what you had to say better. His words contained truth mixed with error. If you want me to explain, I will. It’s late here. Goodnight and Lord bless you!

      • Scarlett says:

        Thank you Maria. When someone comments and says something I posted contained truth mixed with error, or something to that affect they don’t agree with, I generally won’t approve the comment unless they do explain why in their comment. The reason being is that it leaves other readers hanging, and who might then disregard the entire message because of one person’s opinion on the matter. See what I mean? We have to be so careful when posting or responding..and we don’t all agree on every point of doctrine, but the main thing is that whatever we do does need to be done in truth tempered with love.
        For example, some, or even much of what I post may seem harsh at times, but I can assure you it’s out of pure love for Jesus and the desire to see people set free. Lord bless you too 🙂

      • a gentle iconoclast says:

        Scarlett, I understand what you’ve said and believe you posted this in concern for others – out of a love that is pure.

        An example of error is this: he said that the Temple leadership was a manmade thing when it was ordained by God.


  2. Mickey Merrie says:

    LOL Too True! That’s why I call them jesus franchises and jesus Inc.

    Mine makes the point, but not like He does! Amen?

    Thanks Scarlett!

  3. ColorStorm says:

    There is nothing like the solid word of God Scarlett. 😉

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