Downplaying the Inquisition: Answering Todd Friel

Pilgrim’s Progress revisited - Christiana on the narrow way


In our day, Christians, who have a responsibility to know history, are denying or downplaying what happened to us during a period of at least 605 years in Europe (1203 – 1808 A.D.).

In regard to individual Catholics who are innocent of such things, and who would never want to do them, and who cannot believe that their Church could or would do them, their relief in having these crimes denied or downplayed is understandable. But the Roman Catholic Church itself, and any individual Catholics who know that the truth is being buried, and even see these crimes as justified, are guilty along with the perpetrators. 



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One comment on “Downplaying the Inquisition: Answering Todd Friel

  1. We need to know the truth – thanks again!

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