Behold the Lamb

My utmost 4 His garbage can

The Passover was instituted by God in memorial of their great deliverance out of Egypt, when the destroying angel killed all the firstborn of Egypt, and in one night passed over all the Israelites houses, whose doors were “striked” with the blood of the Lamb slain and the Lamb was eaten inside the house.

Ex. 12:22 WYCLIFE reads,

“Dip ye a bundle of hyssop, in the blood which is IN THE THRESHOLD”.

How could the blood be “in the threshold”?

In the land of Goshen, their houses were built with a kind of gutter under the door so that when there was rain it would not come under the door into the house. So, at the first Passover, the blood was poured out “in the threshold” of the door and they dipped Hyssop in the blood and struck the door with the hyssop.

This was the testimony of Jesus, who…

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