One comment on “Dreams: Netanyahu will be Removed

  1. Scarlett says:

    I would like to remind the readers that in the dreams that Cynthia had, it wasn’t said that Netanyahu would be removed in this election but only that he would be removed, Nor did the Lord say “how” Netanyahu would be removed. It may not be by an election.

    “Around 3:25 a.m. on March 8, 2013, I awakened to a very vivid dream/vision. I heard a voice said, “Netanyahu will be removed.” I asked, “Is it necessary?” The voice answered. “It is necessary to give way to the Peace Treaty;” and as I heard it I saw President Obama and the document. I didn’t see the content though but I saw clearly what was printed boldly on the cover. It says, Database 5 From Babylon.

    I will not discuss the meaning of the notes on the document yet (though the Lord gave me insight about it) for it’s too early to talk about the Peace Treaty. Suffice it to say that the purpose of Netanyahu’s removal as Prime Minister of Israel, be it this upcoming election or some other time, is to give way to the agenda of the Left and the anti-Israel world.”

    The next election in Israel will be in 4 yrs from now,

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