Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration

I don’t usually post this type of blog post, but it’s past time friends, it’s past time we all took notice that we can no longer be silent on the threat of the antichrist religion of Islam operating in America.

Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese Christian survivor tells of the dire days in Lebanon when she and her family were forced to live for several years in a small bomb shelter, nearly starved to death, hiding from Muslims, who had been rampaging and killing Christians.

This was years ago. The world at large at that time was not concerned about Muslims killing Christians in isolated parts of the world. America felt secure back then, unaware of the growing threat of the Islamic agenda to raise a Caliphate to take over and dominate the world, including the West, and specifically, America.

Muslim immigrants began freely entering the United States while the majority of Americans were asleep at the TV set enjoying their freedoms. Now, years later, things are different, and the alarm has sounded.

It’s past time to wake up and realize the growing threat of Islam is on your doorsteps.

This is a powerful video and well worth watching all of it, as Brigette goes into detail about living under the horrors of Islam, and has emerged to tell her story and what the agenda of Islam is in the world and in particular the United States and what we as Americans can and should do about it.

Then, flash back to 2011 when Brigitte was criticized by the mainsteam media for being Islamaphobic, and claiming she was painting with a too broad brush. The only thing is, Brigette was shockingly prophetic in her claims and now it’s become painfully apparent…she was right all along!

Please note, this video was posted on YouTube by CAIR-TV, and used as propaganda to denounce Brigette and surpress the truth. What is especially shameful, is that is a CNN host who is berating her on a national TV Broadcast.…

For your own sakes and that of of our children, let’s stop all this politcal correctness and face reality and begin taking action, including warning our friends, families and neighbors.

6 comments on “Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration

  1. Scarlett says:

    Yes Maria, the American people, Christian and secular alike need to be educated regarding Islam, the real Islam. Then we will not be hearing otherwise intelligent people repeating that lying mantra, “But Islam is a religion of peace”. It is NOT a religion of peace and never has been.
    Lord Jesus bless you sister,

    • Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast says:

      This mantra is said by those who are decieved. There is no other way to understand holding this view – unless it’s like whistling in the dark for them, saying this to make themselves believe it.
      Lord bless you too, my sister!

  2. Maria Tatham, a gentle iconoclast says:

    Scarlett, despite the disturbing topic, I enjoyed reading this and the thoughtful comments. Sometimes we HAVE TO be disturbed. You’re right that Islam is an antichrist religion – they deny the Son and so have not the Father. Lord bless you!

  3. timbob says:

    The pass that islam is being given by the west goes way beyond simple ideological positions. It’s a spiritual blindness that renders a person unable to comprehend what is right in front of them. Couple this with an official narrative that is hostile to the truth, and we end up with strange bedfellows such as liberal human rights groups that will say nothing about islam…..despite the countless incidents of death and suffering that are in its wake.

    But the one that really blows my mind is the rise of so-called “chrislam.” Professing Christians who are wanting to link up with this death cult in a spirit of unity……despite the 100% rotten fruit that is produced by Islam. I know that it’s part of the great falling away…..and yet…..islam is so vile and wicked that one would not expect even the most liberal of professing Christians to want anything to do with it.

    And the deception is complete because, while the professing Christians view it as tolerance, the muslims view it as conquest.. Satan views it as conquest – a means by which he can lure people into a position of compromise; then transform them into the proponents of wickedness.

    Thank you for making this video known. I shall share it in other venues. The tide is fastly turning against the truth, but someone may finally be awakened by this presentation. Blessings in Jesus name.

    • Scarlett says:

      Thank you for your comment Timbob. I agree with everything you said. It is beyond comprehension that there should be any tolerance of Islam by either Christians…or unbelievers. No matter the song and dance their apologists try to force feed us, Islam is a violent religion with a violent and tyrannical mandate to take over the world by any means possible. Savagery and bloodshed means nothing to Islam. Bridgette Gabriel has established her credibility having lived through the persecution and violence of Islam as a young girl. I will continue to support her and have subscribed to her YOUTUBE channel.
      God bless you brother,

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