The skulls of the day

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This skull is of a man from Peru, exhumed, decapitated and made a skull-less saint by the Pope.

The Jews made a golden calf. The Roman Catholics put rotten stuff inside golden boxes, and declear it all "holy". The Jews made a golden calf. The Roman Catholics put rotten stuff inside golden boxes, and declear it all “holy”.

Martin de Porres Velázquez, O.P. (December 9, 1579 – November 3, 1639), was a lay brother of the Dominican Order who was beatified in 1837 by Pope Gregory XVI and canonized in 1962 by Pope John XXIII. He is the patron saint of mixed-race people and all those seeking interracial harmony.

This can never be a Chuch. It is a religious shrine  for worshippers of Satan. This can never be a Chuch. It is a religious shrine for worshippers of Satan. A tempel of Dagon.

  1 Chronicles 10:10
They put his armor in the temple of their gods and hung up his head in the temple of Dagon.

After De Porres died, the miracles and graces received when he was invoked multiplied in such…

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8 comments on “The skulls of the day

  1. oh, Scarlett. looks like love but smells like disrespect and worse. we had a statue of this man at the entrance to our chapel in school. i went to Catholic school and every Friday we had Mass and then had a meatless lunch. the statue was beautifully artistic. people are so deceived. i used to treasure little holy cards with beautiful images. but skulls, bones, all of this other stuff was something we weren’t exposed to – after all it’s the U.S.!
    love of death i think.

    • Scarlett says:

      Satan is an expert at enticing people visually; even with the macabre. This must be the Catholic version of porn. At least to those with a disgusting necrophilia bent to their personality. Or at the least, a morbid fascination with death and/or dead things.
      I think Eric Fromm might have been onto something here.
      Necrophilia in neo-psychoanalysis

      “In the analytic social psychology of Erich Fromm necrophilia is a character orientation which shows an increasing tendency toward destructiveness. Used in a non-sexual sense Erich Fromm understood necrophilia as an everyday behavior which is not an expression of a biologically fixated death instinct, but the consequence of a life without being really alive. For Erich Fromm necrophilia is the opposite of biophilia. The lack of love in the western society leads to necrophilia.”
      Much of this could have been true of Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, as well as the Catholic Churches facade, and yes, of Satan himself. The Catholic church for example seems to have a form of life, but is in fact dead, just like the bones and corpses it puts on display.

      • necrophilia must come then from being dead in trespasses and sins. you probably don’t even known you love death not life.

      • Scarlett says:

        That is no doubt very true. Jesus said, “Therefore, take care that your light be not darkness”.
        Those who are dead in trespasses and sins are in darkness and have no light in them. And taken to extremes are capable of all manner of evil and depravity.

      • Yes. How wonderful it is that He saved us from our sins and becoming like that, Scarlett.

      • so, what you are saying is that necrophilia is an appearance of life but is death, as God’s Word says about appearance of godliness. It is a love of death, that is, selfishness. And, I guess, the more that you are into selfishness – the state of death – the worse it becomes, leading to Pol Pot and Hitler’s crimes, and anything is possible. So Satan is like this, fixated on himself and on getting others to be like him.
        This is why Revelation speaks of “the depths of Satan”.
        Oh, I pray that Jesus returns soon. This is too much for mere humans. You see the pictures of such things and it’s only the surface evil.
        Scarlett, hope I’m not being unedifying to you. Our Saviour will destroy death one day, that is our hope and focus. And we must pull others out of the flames – like firey brands as James speaks of this.
        God bless you for taking the time to speak with me,

      • Scarlett says:

        Everything about Satan has to do with power, control, destruction, and death, especially spiritual death. There is no life or light in him. One sees the same characteristics exhibited in his minions, such as tyrants like Hitler, and even Mohammed and his followers in our present day, because they are obeying the dictates of their master, Satan.
        a snip: “Hitler gained a position of power that allowed him to exercise to the extreme his fascination with death and destruction, and his desire for a lifeless world.”
        Isn’t this what Satan desires, a lifeless world devoid of the spiritual light and life of the Lord Jesus Christ?
        And then, since Satan operates in many various venues, look at the Catholic Church, (and other cults), and it’s history and lust for power, control of people’s spiritual lives….and even their bodies; the Inquisition, and horrific instruments of torture, pain and death. Leopards don’t change their spots. Although the Catholic Church is no longer allowed to operate in it’s passion for Inquisition, I see the same pattern occuring, toned down a bit, but still present…. including this apparent glorifying and love for exhibiting these elaborate, grotesque displays of bones and corpses. It still smacks of spiritual death, not life. So, there does seem to be a correlation in all these things.
        Thank God Maria, we have the good news, Jesus wins! Maranatha, come quickly Lord Jesus. We long for that Great and Wonderful Day.

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