3 comments on “Cold Dead Religion

  1. voicewilderness1 says:

    Hi Scarlett, I love the internet for this reason. It gives us an equal playing field. In the churches, the leadership are in positions of power, and it automatically puts the rest of us at a significant disadvantage. What a fertile breeding ground for abuse. Abuse is essentially a power imbalance. I’m amazed at how many stories I hear of people being abused in church, and almost all of the victims of church abuse that I’ve encountered have been women. I know that Jesus absolutely hates this. Jesus addresses this quite thoroughly in Matthew 23 in his scathing speech to the Pharisees.

    • Scarlett says:

      It is quite true there is a power imbalance in the churches. That imbalance is due to the Nicolaitan structure of their entire system, which is faulty in it’s very foundation. This is why Jesus said he HATED the doctrines and deeds of the Nicolaitans in the Book of Revelations, It’s topsy turvey from what the Lord intended. Rather than Jesus as Head of the Body of Christ, man through the Nicolaitan church system has placed himself as head. From there, are sorts of abuses have occurred…and then been allowed and even approved of by these hirelings and those who follow them.
      That said, to be fair, some of the worst spiritual abuse I endured while still in the “system” was at the hand of women, two of whom who had been placed in a “leadership” position via nepotism and one via favoritism. Kind of shows you who’s in charge in some of these churches.
      However, I must say that I do know of a number of men who’ve been likewise spiritually abused in the church system for going against the flow and speaking truth in the face of opposition; it’s just that many men are not as vocal about speaking out about it as women are, due to the way they’ve been taught that men should behave. God bless all of them. And yes, Hallelujah for the venue of the Internet, and that level playing field you spoke of.

  2. Scarlett says:

    I admire this blogger for her openness in sharing her story of abuse. While I believe with my whole heart that sharing openly about the pain that she endured can be cathartic, I find that to this very day, I have a block or difficulty in baring my soul with others about my own spiritual and physical abuse. Blogging the stories of others seems to help. I guess my main focus is not to be on myself anyway, but reaching out and exposing the spiritual crimes of the church, which has previously been the churches, “best kept secret”

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