The “Felt Word” of God


This was sent to me by my son. He’s come through many hard trials and storms in his life, but I am very proud of him and grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for what He’s done in my son’s life. 

“I was reflecting on my life today and all the dreams that I have been able to live. The final pages remain unturned but the book is a little tattered.
There are people who say they have read Gods word and I feel sorry if that is all they have received. I have felt Gods word! Only people who have can truly understand what that really means.  These are not just words on paper, They are life, knowledge, wisdom, instructions and letters of Love to his Children.
When you read something does it change your whole life, your very being? Gods words can if you open your heart and eyes to see.
Jesus said, “You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing me.” It is true that I have never seen the Father or the Son but I feel their hand on me almost everyday, and if I don’t, it’s probably because I’m not listening. The whole world tried to drown out our connection
to God with the constant background noise and busywork that we claim is our life. Truly we are in school, building our character, being tested. What is important, the passing breeze of our lives here on earth or an eternity with our creator? We chose wrongly more often than not.
Do we love our family, our friends, our passions but spend so little time with the one who loves us the most! Our final test is coming and no man knows the day, but that comes and will we regret the things we didn’t do more than the things we did do? Our Lord is very patient and forgiving with us, but just like any Father, I don’t think he wants to be forgotten, lest he has to humble us once again to remind us of who we are.
I had initially started to write this to show the blessing of all the dreams that I have been allowed to live and they have been many, but each man has his path and days and some changed the world and some on us merely existed. Hopefully we were able to smile a lot and develop a character that God would find pleasing. Let us not forget who’s children we are and give thanks and rejoice that we have been chosen to feel God.”


2 comments on “The “Felt Word” of God

  1. To have such a son must be such a joy, Scarlett!!

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