Don’t be Afraid to Set Boundaries with your……fill in the Blanks

Sometimes secular therapists get it right! We should all learn as Christians to be able to say no when needed, and mean it. There are going to be those distressing times when someone is putting it to us in the way of barging in on our boundaries, not being sensitive to our personal feelings, needs, time, or even what may be God’s will for our lives in an attempt to have their own way with us.  As a dear brother pointed out today that even Jesus wasn’t “nice” to His detractors all the time.

Setting boundaries can apply to Christian relationships of all kinds, in church, in family relationships or friendships and….in marriages.

The good news is that we can say no in a firm but godly way and not have to feel guilty about it as if we’ve done something to displease our Lord.

Being coerced into doing something against our will is a type of manipulation, and subtle form of bullying and would be nothing more than spiritual abuse if you stop to think about it.



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