Jimmy Swaggart-and the Sure Fire Gimmick

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Let me preface this post by saying I wasn’t saved when Jimmy Swaggart was in his hey day. In fact, I was only vaguely aware of the name. Shortly after my conversion, I remember standing in front of the TV watching this guy bawling into the TV cameras. My tender, newly saved heart was moved with emotion and sympathy for him.  Little did I know at the time, one of the biggest superstars and icons of  Christendom of that era, had just got gotten caught with his pants down, so to speak. Hence, the  national TV confessional, with tears streaming down his face, and the never to be forgotten words, “I have sinned”.

I had a Christian friend at that time who told me that she had been a devoted Jimmy Swaggart fan for years, but when he “fell from grace”, she thought if Jimmy Swaggart can fall, how…

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3 comments on “Jimmy Swaggart-and the Sure Fire Gimmick

  1. This was really helpful, Scarlett. I will go back to the original post and take some of the links.

    Long ago we watched Swaggart and liked him. Then came his fall and tearful confession – we saw it like you as it was happening. But we were a little older Christians it seems than you at the time – should have known better. About a decade ago, I started listening to his radio program on the drive home from work, and sometimes Frances and Friends when I could catch her show. I left off listening, was somehow turned off by an attitude and some of the teaching. Now I see what you’ve shown through this research of him and the ministry he built. Your conclusion is right – we do not follow men, and we check everything by God’s Word, and the Spirit Who dwells in us teaches us what is true, and helps us to shun evil.

    God bless you,

    • Scarlett says:

      Maria, since you read that post on Jimmy Swaggart, you know I was taken to task by one of his devoted followers, and the conversation that ensued. Some folks seem to think we shouldn’t name names about these “ministries” or “ministers” so-called, that are preaching false doctrine or have gone the way of Balaam. I couldn’t disagree more; I feel they must be rebuked and exposed, not out of meaness or judgmentalism but out of love for the Body of Christ, those whom Jesus suffered and died for.

      I am very weary of the “touch not God’s annointed” mantra that many of these false workers hide behind.

      I am reminded of the scripture, “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkeness, but rather reprove them”.Eph 5:11. That said, yes of course we will be evil spoken of for doing so by some, but that’s simply the work of the enemy to try and silence us, so that he can go ahead unhindered deceiving the Lord’s lambs and getting away with it under the cloak of darkness.

      One of the tell tale signs i look for when checking out a ministry is whether or not they have a donation page, a PayPal button, or a “Support us” page on their site. With few exceptions that is a red flag for me to know there is a hireling behind that site.
      May peace and grace be multiplied to you,

      • Thank you, Scarlett! Hope you’ve gotten over the shock that this kind of response brings. I’m glad you told us about this man. In the Bible, there are many names for such people. They apply to him. It is right and loving to let others know, so be encouraged that you’ve done well.
        In His love,

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