Is Mary worthy of worship? (part 2)

The Lions Den

Part 2 (please see the first post for context)

Is truth important? Are strongly held beliefs harmless if they contradict what is plainly true? Could Christ be a saviour if he was a sinner? Is God sinless? All fair questions that need answers.

I have known people with ten bibles who were the worst example of christians, and I have seen catholics appear heads and shoulders above christians. There is no bull’s eye on any religion, but let God be true.

Belonging to a sect is neither approval or denial of God’s favor, but ‘what think ye of Christ,’ ah that is the question. My main concern here is Mariolatry, and that surely can have an effect on ones allegiance to God.

Papal decrees have given Mary the claim of being born sinless, also known as the Immaculate Conception. Many have wrongly thought this term was given to her motherhood…

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