Isn’t Mary worthy of worship?

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(First  post in a series)

Worship is generally an act of devotion  directed towards a deity. Worship is specifically prostration before God. In the context of our question: Is Mary queen of heaven, and worthy of worship, you need only to decide if scripture is sufficient for your guide.

(You may wonder, and please do, why pray tell is there a dove at the outset of this topic. Do consider who the dove alit on. We need never fear truth, and we certainly do not want to diminish Mary’s favor, while at the same time, we should not want to be guilty of lavish or misdirected praise)

There are two schools who have done damage to her character: One who has ignored her rightful place in the plan of God, and the other who has elevated her to Godhood. I wish to do neither, but simply present her as God…

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One comment on “Isn’t Mary worthy of worship?

  1. ColorStorm says:

    Thank you very very much for thinking enough of this post to pass along to your readers. It is a great compliment, as this is a difficult topic.

    Hopefully, you can get a chance to see all 5 posts, and the surprise ending

    tkx again



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