From Polygamy to Jesus- the Testimony of Susan Ray Schmidt

I love stories with happy endings, especially when they’re true. This was one woman’s testimony of living in the darkness and pain of being a polygamist wife, believing in, and being trapped in a false religious system to coming out into the light of freedom in Jesus Christ and His love.

So many precious souls are still trapped by the man made traditions and doctrines of the Mormon aka LDS cult in all it’s various splinter groups such as the FLDS in Colorado City, AZ, and Hillsboro, Utah, and others.

I have studied various cults and their practices, and even some not considered cults that seemingly operate within the bounds of what we’d call orthodox faith.  One of the things that stands out in most of these groups is that the members are unhappy and confused in one way or another. And no wonder. They will never be happy if they know not Jesus as LORD and SAVIOR, according to His Truth; the Truth of His Gospel. They will never know the freedom and love that is possible by truly being set free by His Amazing Grace.

Seriously…do not these souls desperately need our prayers? If we were in prison, wouldn’t we want someone to pray for us, and also to turn the key in the lock by telling us the truth that would set us free? With all my heart I believe Jesus wants to set these captives free. Let’s pray for them.


“Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty”2nd Corinthians 3:17

This was the verse the LORD gave me when I was a new Christian going to a legalistic church and couldn’t understand why they wanted me to conform to their doctrines which didn’t line up with the Bible scriptures. The LORD can and does respond to those seeking his will with all their hearts.

Don’t follow man; follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


Why would I have a special interest in Mormons, and/or the FLDS?  OK, let me tell you. First of all, beside the fact that there is no doubt in my mind that Mormonism is a cult that leads men, women and children into the worst sort of spiritual bondage and deception, it’s for me, in a way, a family affair. Indirectly speaking…as follows:

My mom and her brother had been very close growing up. Both married, My uncle and his wife had two children, a boy and girl. When I was a baby, I played with my little first cousins, and still have a picture of me and the girl Rose Carolyn together as babies.

My uncle moved his young family from Missouri to Utah, where he and his wife became Mormons. Mom kept up with them over the years, and went to Utah to visit them a couple of times, as their children grew up- and the Mormon family enlarged and had many children. By the time my uncle and aunt died, the entire family had become Mormonized. My male first cousin and his wife had twelve children.

Then about two years ago, my male cousins wife contacted me to tell me he had died. She was the sweetest woman you could imagine. Most Mormon women are taught to “stay sweet”, by training from early childhood. She was very stoic in talking to me about this, and even said to me about my cousin, “He was a good man”. She told me without emotion that he had at some point married a younger woman and had another twelve kids. That’s a total of 24 kids and 2 wives. Can I say if I wasn’t shocked before, I was at this news.

Now, mind you,my cousin and his family were supposed to be strict LDS, Salt Lake City Mormons. From other things she casually told me indicated there seemed to be a rather widespread and even incestuous network of polygamy going on all through Utah. She seemed to think nothing of this. This is, after all, Mormon country. The names she dropped that her and my cousins kids had married into were well known Mormon family names in Utah. Prominent and powerful names, including my own family nsme. If you go to the Colorado City, AZ Topix forums, or do a little google online, you will see the same Mormon family names recurring many times.

I don’t know anything about the twelve children my male cousin fathered or the younger wife he married after he became wealthy, but I was heartbroken for his first wife.  One of the most disturbing things she told me was that my first cousin Rose was now in Colorado City, AZ. In her letter, she didn’t say who Rose was married to or how many children she had, but knowing what I do about the Colorado City enclave, it sent chills down my spine. This lead me to believe there is very little division between the LDS Temple Mormons and the FLDS group, if any. And a very thin veneer of pretense that polygamy isn’t practised in Utah. I am here to tell you polygamy is practiced, and has never stopped being practiced. It is, after all the very pillar of the Mormon religion.

I am praying that the Lord will send the Holy Spirit to these people so in bondage to this terrible cult, and begin a real move of the spirit to set many souls free. No one should have to live such a lie and in such conditions because of man made doctrines and traditions handed down culturally. It’s spiritual abuse of the worst kind.

If you are a Mormon, please listen to this Truth. It can set you free.



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